A text that would change everything

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*Writers note

This is my first published entry for Literotica. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave your feedback/comments!!

*No one in this story is under the age of 18 years old.*


Ever since Ryan and his friends were teenagers they made it aware that his mom was always very attractive. At first, he didn’t want to think about his own mom that way but over time he started to see that they were right. After finally agreeing with them it was common that they’d come over with the intent to just imagine all the things to be done with her.

Ryan’s mom and dad, Abby and Tom, had him when they were fairly young so being only in their early 40s, Abby still had quite the body. She was always working out and keeping busy so she had always been slim and fit. Ryan always enjoyed and took advantage of that because he got a front-row view of her in her tight sports bra and yoga pants. Tom on the other hand, has been the opposite. He’s lazy, an alcoholic, and doesn’t do shit anymore. A few years ago he had a work accident and ever since he’s taken the easy way out it seems. Ryan had never asked his mom about sexual things but he can imagine their sex life is quite dead.

Ryan had struggled to talk to girls and with the transition to college, he was hoping that would help. Sadly it didn’t, he and most of his friends always struck out with the ladies and after coming across a video on a porn site it gave Ryan an idea to finally take the leap and pursue his mom. Why not go after the ultimate target, Abby.

With many talks with his friends, and finally they worked it out and thought of something full proof. They had a plan that would let them know just how amazing all those dirty, sexual fantasies they had were.

A couple of days before the night of it all happening a couple of things had to happen. Ryan would steal his mom’s phone and switch the contacts between him and his dad. Then when his dad went out for his usual hunting trips he could set it all up. So during one of her long yoga sessions after watching her and enjoying her tight body bend and twist for a while he switched the numbers and put it back in place.

After Abby’s workout, Ryan came in admired her a little more.

“Hey mom” he said with a grin.

Abby looked over and saw her sweet son come into her excise room

“Hey sweetie” she said. “Whats up?”

“Is it okay if I spend the night over at Justice’s house. We have this group project thing” He said.

“Of course baby, just be careful” She replied.

“Thanks mom!” He said as he walked out.

Ryan quickly called all his friends immediately and let them know that tonight it would all be going down.

So that night when his father packed up and drunkenly drove off to hunt all night, his friends all snuck out and started to head over. Ryan snuck them all into his basement where they were all shaking from the nerves.

Jack, Ryan’s closet friend, said “I can’t believe we are actually gonna do this. Like it doesn’t seem real yet.”

Quinn responded “God I can’t wait to feel just amazing her perfect mouth feels wrapped around my cock.”

Justice came over to Ryan and said “Hey you sure you wanna do this. I know we’ve all talked about it but this is for real.”

Ryan quickly thought of all the fantasies he’s had over his mom and reassured him he wants this more than anyone else.

After a moment Ryan let out a chuckle quite nervously as he said “Well once we send this text there isn’t any going back. We have to commit to it.”

The four friends all looked around and shook their heads in agreement. Ryan pulled out his phone and started the text to his mom.

“Hey Hunny, Bill called off soon I’ll be home soon.”

Ryan’s hands were already shaking and he hadn’t even sent the first text yet. After a brief moment, he hit send and waited for her to respond.

After a moment of complete panic, his phone chimed and they all read it.

“Oh, I’m sorry baby. Is there anything I can do to help?”

This was it, this was there way in. Ryan quickly started typing back.

“Well, actually there is. I’ll be home in about 20mins. I want you tied down to the waiting for me to get home.”

Ryan said, “Okay boys, you ready?”

They all shook their heads and he hit send.

Seconds later his phone buzzed.

“Wow, what’s gotten into you?? We haven’t done anything that crazy in a long time. But of course Hunny! See you soon!”

As they all read it they all started to go crazy realizing it had worked. Their ingenious plan was going to work and they would be able to do whatever they wanted to his mom.

They started to hear his mom walk around the house and after 15 minutes they started to get ready. All of their cocks fully erect just thinking about all the fantasies and how good they’ve been.

Ryan led them all upstairs quietly walking around the house. His parent’s room was upstairs so he was gonna go check first and them have them come up. Ryan quietly went up the stairs and luckily canlı bahis the door was closed to his mom’s room. He came up to it and could hear bed straps being tightened. He couldn’t wait any longer. He quickly ushered them up and they all stood there at the door looking at each other. Tonight they were gonna own Abby.

Ryan nodded to his friends and started to open the door and what they were about to see would change their lives.

The door opened and there on the bed was Abby, completely exposed to them. Her beautiful body laid out for them to take it. Her breast exposed, her nipples hard from the excitement of it all. Her legs pulled together hiding what they all desire most. Ryan looked up and realized that there was one thing she was wearing. A blindfold. Ryan quickly pointed it out as they started to hear Abby’s voice.

“Well that was a quick drive someone must have been in a hurry to get home.” She said.

They all looked at each other and didn’t think about this part. They wanted to maintain their leverage until it was the right time and if one of them talked she would for sure know something is wrong. After a moment of full-on panic she started to talk again.

“Hunny? Are you okay? Oh I get it, strong and silent huh.” she said with a small chuckle. She started to spread her legs and as the boys watched they all almost climaxed right there.

Her pussy was amazing to say and that was still almost sacrilegious. It was clean shaven, tight and to them it was perfect. Ryan looked at them and started to get undressed. They quickly followed in his actions and a moment later they all stood around her undressed.

Never have seen each other naked they all glanced around and all were relativity normal expect for Justice. Justice was most definitely a shower, not a grower. His thick 7-inch cock was much different than all the others. They all a little self-conscious looked down at their own cock. Most were average for men but that didn’t matter because what really mattered was the naked woman in front of them waiting for them.

They all look at Ryan and nodded letting him know that he’s up first. Ryan gulped as he walked closer to the bed and just started to feel his mom’s body. He had many dreams that were just like this expect this was the real thing. His cock twitching at just the touch almost ready to explode. He had to go slow or otherwise it would all be ruined. His hand ran up her stomach and he started to wrap his hands around his mother’s breast. Both amazingly delicate but firm. He started to squeeze when he almost jumped from all the nerves as his mother spoke.

“Hmm you always have been a boob guy, huh, well they’ve been quite lonely.” She said.

Ryan looked up at her and could see the grin on her lips as she talked. She was excited and was turned on. Little did she know who was really there. Ryan continued to feel her body as he started to get onto the bed. His mind going a mile a minute couldn’t think of what he wanted to do first. After just looking her up and down her positioned himself next to her head and leaned down to start kissing her. Her soft lips connecting with his as they both held a deep kiss. After a moment he pulled away and could feel the moan in her voice.

As he went down to kiss her again Jack came over and started to feel her body. Doing so in a way to try and not blow there cover he grabbed a handful of her breasts as he stroked his cock. Having to bite his own lip as he felt them and touched himself to try and not make a sound.

As Ryan reconnected with his mom it was much deeper and fast this time. Both kissing with passion and desire for each other Ryan could feel his cock twitching and ready to explode.

Pulling away so he didn’t climax already Jack came in quickly took his place. Abby not noticing as she kept kissing quickly and furiously.

Ryan sat down for a second trying to not go over the edge as he watched Justice go up and start to feel his way around her as Jack bent over making out with her. Ryan looked over to Quinn and nodded for him. He could tell Quinn was scared and nervous as hell. Ryan stood up and went over and pushed him along.

Quinn started to go over with Justice and feel her amazing breasts. With the three of them at it Ryan just watched for a moment them all hover around his mom. Ryan tapped them all on the back which let them know they don’t have to worry about keeping their secret any longer. With that, Jack pulled away from his kiss and quickly placed his cock on Abby’s lips.

Very eagerly Abby opened her lips and engulfed the tip of his cock in her mouth. Jack moaned out loud as she started to suck his cock. He quickly placed a hand on her head and bobbed her back and forth. Quickly she took all of it in her mouth as Abby felt Jack start to thrust into her mouth. Hitting just the back of her throat they could all hear Abby gagging on Jack.

They all watched for a moment realizing they wanted a piece of her like that. Jack pulled his cock out as Ryan came up and was about to pull off her blindfold. bahis siteleri Abby laying there catching her breath as she felt the blindfold start to be lifted. The light blinded her but she quickly could make out that it wasn’t just one person there.

Starting to freak out her vision focused and she quickly saw all the boys surrounding her. Both furious, panicked and turned on she started to try to get her arms free from the restraints. The boys all took a step back as they watched her pull against them hard.

Ryan said, “Mom please don’t fre-“

“What the fuck do you think you are doing!! Ryan what the fuck is wrong with you!!” Abby said quickly as she tried to free herself.

“Mom don’t worry, just relax your gonna enjoy this. I know you haven’t done anything in forever and we wanna help.” he responded.

Abby thought to herself furious but also realizing how to turn on she is. Just a small amount of affection they have shown her and she can feel how wet she really is.

Abby shook her head and tried to stop those thoughts as she could feel the boys rubbing and feeling her body again.

Quinn and Justice started to both rub her thighs and pull her legs apart exposing her pussy. Justice wasting no time already bringing his hand down and slowly rubbing over her clit.

Abby’s body jumped as she felt the sensation flow through her. Quinn started to grab and grope her breast as he wrapped his mouth around one of her hard nipples. Quickly licking over it and applying soft pressure to it.

Abby jumped and tried to shake them off but they wouldn’t move at all. Ryan came over and stood next to her and moved the blindfold down to her mouth as he tightened it and gagged her. She looked at him with anger but she knew she couldn’t stop him. She also didn’t quite know if she wanted to stop them too.

As Ryan stood up he kissed her forehead and saw both Quinn and Justice both enjoying Abby and he smiled. Come on Jack lets have some fun. Ryan moved down to where Justice was and positioned himself right between Abby’s legs. As Justice keeping rubbing over her clit Ryan moved up and took one long lick across his mother’s pussy. They all felt her jump as she looked down and saw her own son in-between her legs.

Filled with panic and disgust the sensations she had been missing out quickly turned those into pleasure and excitement. She tried to not think those thoughts but the feelings of it all were far too great.

She could feel those feelings again and it had been forever since she’s felt this kind of sensations. Between Justice and Ryan overloading her while Quinn sucked on he nipples, she let out a moan through the gag. She knew it was wrong but it was just too much. She had put away these feelings for a long time and having them reawakened was pure bliss.

The boys all looked over at her after hearing the moan and could tell something was different. She was almost bucking her hips as Ryan ate her out and Justice rubbed her clit. She was almost seeming that she was enjoying it but that couldn’t be right. They all stopped as they looked at her and as they did she spit the blindfold out and begged them to keep going.

All surprised and shocked they all sat there and it was until she wrapped her legs and pulled Ryan back to her that they realized what was happening. Jack and Quinn quickly went by her mouth and placed their cocks above her mouth and she quickly wrapped her mouth around Quinn’s cock. It was new to him and he was in heaven. The feeling of her mouth wrapped around his member while she sucked and licked was better than he could ever imagine. Jack started to undo the restraints and Abby very eagerly wrapped her hands around his cock and started to rub back and forth as she continued to suck Quinn’s cock.

Realizing that Abby was enjoying this made them all so much more excited and Ryan was prepared to take his ownership of his mom. He started to slow down his tongue as ushered Justice away as he climbed up and positioned his cock right above his mom’s pussy. He started to rub against and could feel the wetness of it. Something he had not felt yet before. This was already the best thing he had ever felt and he wasn’t even inside her yet.

Abby was in heaven, the things she was feeling were sending her through the roof. Between her own son between her legs and all the attention she was getting was incredible. She felt him slow down but she wanted more. She was about to try and push him back down until she felt something rub against her pussy. She looked down and saw her son lining up and rubbing his cock against her. The feeling was incredible and she wanted him so bad. She had never thought she would want these feelings but she was craving them now.

After a moment of just rubbing against her he knew it was time when he locked eyes with his mother, he started to push in and they both moaned. Abby in the middle of sucking both of Jack and Quinn’s cock let out a deep moan as her own son penetrated her.

Ryan had never felt anything so perfect. No fantasy bahis şirketleri was as perfect as this, all of them combined was even as close to it. The tightness of it as he pushed farther as it wrapped around his cock. The wetness as he started to slide out and back in slowly was almost too much.

Abby couldn’t believe it but she had never been happier, between her own son making her his. The two cocks she had in her hand and mouth and the one sucking on her nipples. It was all so much that she had long forget.

Ryan quickly started to speed up and thrust faster and deeper into his mother. He could feel his mom wrapping her legs around him as he did. Nothing had ever felt as good as this had and he knew that he would be doing this a lot more. He continued to thrust harder and harder as she eagerly sucked both of his friends cocks.

Abby started to rub them both with her hands as she was laying there moaning as her son pleasured her.

Ryan could feel himself getting close to climax and wanted to wait until he came so he started to slow down and pull out.

Abby could feel him slowing as he pulled out and started to look around. It wasn’t until now that she noticed Justice and his member. Her jaw dropped as she saw it there.

“HOLY FUCK!” she said as her eyes locked with it.

Justice chuckled as he realized that her excitement and shock was due to him. He started to rub it as it continued to grow and harden.

“You want this??” He said with a grin.

She quickly nodded her head as she said “Yes please”.

Ryan almost came right there as he had never heard his mom like this. Her begging for his friends cock.

Justice smiled as he pulled her up, he laid down and pulled her on top of me. She quickly positioned his large cock under her and pushed herself down as she moaned out. His cock sliding up into her. It was far bigger than she had ever had before and it was incredible. The way it completely filled her was different than every other cock. She tried to push her hips all the way down but it was too much. She had to slowly pull up and push back down before she could get down on.

Ryan came over and brought his cock up to his moms mouth and she wrapped her mouth around it as she started to grind her hips back and forth on his friends cock. She bobbed back and forth making sure to take it all the way in as she rode Justice.

Both Quinn and Jack came over and she wrapped her hands on both of their cocks and rubbed them back and forth. All five of them in pure happiness as they fulfil fantasies they had all dreamt of for a long time.

After a moment Jack moved behind Abby and pushed her over a little. He was determined to use all of Abby. He spit in his hand and rubbed it over his cock as he started to rub it against her ass.

Abby had never done anal but she knew if she was going to this is how she would want it. She prepared herself as she felt the cock rub up and down and start to put some pressure against it. She continued to grind back and forth on Justice’s cock, she realized that she was feeling something deep in her that felt foreign but amazing.

Jack continued to rub against Abby’s ass until he started to put more and more pressure. Eventually going slowly he started to penetrate her. His cock starting to push in as he felt the tightness of her ass wrap around him. He continued to push in and go all the way taking it slow.

Abby could definitely feel the pain but it was good. It stung but the pleasure of feeling two cocks buried in her was too much. She could feel her legs shaking and her pussy tightening around Justice’s cock as she rode his cock. She could feel Jack fill her and in motion Justice and Jack both started to thrust slowly in and out. She had never dreamed of being DP’d but she sure did now. She knew that she’d being doing this a lot more often.

Both Jack and Justice started to speed up as they fucked Abby. Having her ride both of them as she rocked her hips back and forth was far better than they had thought it would be. They continued to speed up more and more and started to get into rhythm and they could feel Abby’s body shaking from it. She was more than enjoying it. She was struggling to suck on Ryan’s cock as the feeling of both the cocks buried inside her was overwhelming.

Both Jack and Justice didn’t give up as they felt Abby losing control. Between her hips grinding back and forth and them thrusting into her she was close to climaxing. It had been years since she had climaxed like this and it was incredible. Everything was overloading her and the sensations were too much for her to handle. As they both thrust they could feel her shaking more and more as she started to cum.

Abby could barely breathe as she felt the eruption inside her. It was like nothing she had felt before. The overwhelming sensation of everything was too much to handle. She suddenly let out a deep moan as her pussy tightened every more around Justice’s cock as it buried itself in her. Her whole body shaking sent a flow of cum through her as she started to shake more and more. The body started to slow down as she shook violently, both pulling out after a second letting her lay on the bed. His body and voice whimpering from the pleasure.

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