A Step in the Wrong Direction Ch. 03

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Dave awoke, not with his arm around his step-daughter as he had hoped, but with her between his legs. She had woken earlier and succeeded in not rousing him; cleaning herself up with baby wipes, she decided to do the same for her father, gently lifting his cock and wiping their mess away. She had planned on sneaking back into his arms and waking him with a kiss, but her ministrations had woken something else. As his penis rose, she jacked him slowly, waking him with her soft lips around his cock and her tongue gently flicking the head. Dave groaned, stroking her hair as her head bobbed on his rigid member.

Fully awake now, she took him from her mouth, continuing with her hand while she came up to kiss him; although she didn’t shy away from swallowing cum, she didn’t want any of his seed wasting this weekend, so she pumped him slowly until his cock strained, yearning to explode in her tight cunt. The anticipation was almost excruciating; she swung her leg over his chest, grinding herself into him. He could feel her warmth on his belly as she slid back towards him, a droplet of pre-cum formed as she teased his cock with her pussy, his head parting her lips, but only slightly; he wanted to ram himself inside her, but he let her set the pace. She pushed herself up; her hands on his chest, her taught thighs supporting her weight as his cock slipped inside her. She bit her lip through her descent, feeling his every vein and ripple as he penetrated her. She stayed still for a second or two, though to Dave it felt like hours as he looked up at the siren who had seduced him onto these particular rocks.

Sarah rocked her hips; the movement was subtle, Dave barely felt it until his penis was so painfully rigid that it was almost unbearable. Her movements became more pronounced as the warmth between her legs turned to fire; the stimulation proving too much for her as wave after wave of ecstasy forged through her and she fell into Dave’s arms.

He flipped Sarah onto her back, reconnecting effortlessly into her slick pussy, she held on to his arms as he plundered her innermost sanctum. She looked into his eyes, searching for the sign that he was close, feeling him inside as the prize she yearned for rushed towards her. She saw it; his eyes widened as she wrapped her legs around him, trapping him as his cum splashed against her cervix once again. He collapsed, breathless, into her arms; she stroked his hair, her legs tight together as sperm sought egg in the darkness.

Dried and refreshed, Jenny walked back into Jake’s bedroom; he’d been busy. Handcuffs hung from the bedpost, long satin scarves were tied to the legs; Jake tested their strength and, satisfied, turned to Jenny. “They’re Mum’s.” He said, matter of factly. “She sometimes uses them with her visitors.” She nodded, not quite sure this was going in a direction she was comfortable with, he kissed her tenderly and passed her a robe; she slipped it on and followed him downstairs. They were both ravenous, and Jenny guessed that she’d need quite a bit of energy later on.

Dave and Sarah showered together; washing each other’s bodies, soaping, rinsing and touching. Water bounced off her shoulders and cascaded between her breasts as Dave washed her back. She bent forward slightly, pushing her bum into his crotch; the water rinsing the soap off her back and his erection. His hands slid around her sides, over her breasts, his fingers stimulating her areolae. Reaching between her legs, she guided him in. Despite the water, she couldn’t believe how wet she was; it felt like she’d been in a constant state of arousal since he kissed her Friday evening; he entered her, she braced herself against the wall, her cries echoing off the tiles as he filled her once more.

She turned to kiss him; their bodies squelching together as they embraced; his seed trickled down her leg and meandered its way to the plughole, unnoticed by the kissing lovers. Showered and dried, they made their way downstairs and, over a late breakfast, they decided to go shopping.

Back in the bedroom Jake’s head was between Jenny’s legs, his tongue soothing her tender, swollen pussy; her hands pulled on the scarves he’d tied to the bed frame as she writhed on the bed, revelling in the sweet pain.

Jenny was close to orgasm when he shifted his attention from her pussy to her thighs; kissing all the way down to her toes. He held her left foot by the heel and, reaching behind for the scarf, looped it around her foot, tying it off with a half bow. He did the same with her right; unable to close her legs, Jenny was defenceless against his marauding tongue.

Relaxing from her latest orgasm; she didn’t notice that he’d tied the silky scarves to her wrists until she tried to let go of them. Panic set in as he produced a bottle of lube and a familiar looking dildo. “Is that Sarah’s?” She asked.

“No.” He chuckled, “I had a few made. Dad wanted to give mum one for her birthday when he saw it; I’ve not told güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri him it’s a cast of mine.” He dripped lube onto her labia; it radiated coolness as it dribbled down her puffy lips. Rubbing more down the shaft, he placed the dildo at her entrance and slowly worked it inside. He fucked her gently at first; letting her get used to her bonds, building her climax. Her back arched; she tested the strength of the knots as her body tensed and shuddered through her climax and he placed a pillow under her hips.

She cried out, “Yes. Yes. Yes!” As he rammed the dildo into her; pouring on more lube as her cries became more urgent and orgasms crashed through her. Cries turned to screams when, at her peak, he slid the dildo from her pussy to her ass; the lubricated rubber slipping easily into her virgin hole as she thrashed on the bed. She continued cumming as he worked the toy fully inside her, before mounting her; turning Jenny into a quivering wreck. With both holes filled; orgasms wracked her body as she revelled in the pain of her stretched rectum and his cock pounding her swollen cunt.

Jenny came again; her pussy trying to suck him in as she begged for more, pleading for him to fill her. He poured more lube onto his cock; she had a second to wonder what was wrong, surely she was wet enough, when he pulled out the dildo and withdrew his cock from her pussy. She screamed “No!” Then bit her lip, his penis driving hard into her gaping anus, pumping once, twice, three times; she tasted blood as he thrust into her, his thumb on her clit. She almost passed out as he rammed into her and emptied what felt like gallons of semen into her bowels. A river of cum gushed from her as he disconnected and she slumped back into a pool of her own sweat.

Dave settled on the sofa, Sarah curled up next to him, both in their pyjamas, her head under his arm; his hand lazily caressed the side of her breast as they watched the DVD which they’d bought. He wasn’t really paying attention to the screen; it was a poor sequel to a bad horror movie, but his interest, and his cock piqued when the teenage leads started making out.

Sarah, her hand resting on his leg; felt him shift underneath her as he tried to get comfortable. She moved her hand up to feel his hardness through his pyjama bottoms; he moved his hand down her side and under her waistband, his fingers drawing random patterns between the top of her buttocks and her lower back. By the time the film’s actor had his first feel of boob; Dave’s cock was in Sarah’s mouth as she gobbled him greedily, and his fingers sought out her clit.

The murderer, knife held aloft, snuck up behind the couple on-screen; he was similarly unnoticed by the couple on the couch. Dave, on his back, with Sarah on top, had his face full of pussy while Sarah continued her oral ministrations. His tongue explored deep inside her; the tip of his nose teasing her brown starfish. Jake had taken her anal virginity; he’d been careful, using lots of lubrication. It had also been the only time he hadn’t worn a condom with her. She hadn’t liked it; preferring his long cock to plunder her willing pussy. Dave’s attention in her anal area sent shivers up her spine; she could feel the breath from his nostrils tickling her.

Dave sensed her movements; he took a deep breath and held it as she reared up; forcing his tongue deeper into her, coating his face in her cum. The slippery tip of his nose was forced into her, only by a millimetre; but it was enough to take her over the edge as she ground herself into his face and her clitoris mashed against his tongue.

She fell forward, catching her breath; Dave reached out and stroked her lovely round bum. She looked at him and smiled. “It’s our last night of freedom daddy.” she pouted. “Shall we go to bed?” Sarah got off the couch, pulled on her pyjamas and held out her hand, Dave took it and pulled her onto his lap; she could feel his hardness as his hands disappeared under her top and squeezed her pert breasts. He kissed her neck and earlobes; she melted into his arms.

Holding hands, Sarah led him up the stairs and into her bedroom; leaving the door open as she turned around and kissed him. She pushed down his pants; following them down until her face was level with his hard cock. She took him in her mouth; running her tongue around his head as he stroked her hair. Standing; she backed up to the wall. He hooked his thumbs into her pants, pushing them slowly over her hips as he kissed his way down her neck, chest and stomach; extending his tongue to taste her sweet nectar again. He came back up; her arms tight around her neck as he grasped her bum and lifted her, then lowered her slowly onto his waiting cock.

She closed her eyes as he slipped inside her; her breasts against his chest and her legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked her against the wall. She looked towards the open door, expecting someone to be watching; wanting güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri someone to be watching. Pressing her head against the wall, she tilted her hips to meet his thrusts; feeling it through her head, shoulders and chest as her thighs tightened around him, willing him to fuck her harder.

He carried her to the bed; laying Sarah on her back, he lifted her ankles to his shoulders. She reached back and, grabbing a pillow, placed it under her bum. His pace was excruciatingly slow; pulling almost all the way out, then plunging back into her. She could feel him throbbing within her as his heartbeat transmitted to her through his veins. Her vaginal muscles gripped and rippled around his member, urging him to go faster

He obliged, but not by much. Picking up speed; it was still too slow for her, but she could feel her climax building as the fire in her loins ignited. He kissed her ankles; sending shivers all the way to her pussy, still she urged him on, begging him to cum inside her. His pace increased; the fire now a raging inferno, he could feel her thighs thrumming against his chest. She cried out his name; knowing that he was close, but he pulled out suddenly. Kneeling between her outstretched legs, he thrust his fingers inside her and sucked her engorged clit into his mouth. Her feet drummed on his back as he flicked her with his tongue and she screamed hoarsely as the orgasm washed through her.

She was almost over the other side when he straightened up, thrusting his hard cock back inside her sopping cunt. She came again; her pussy milked his invading tool as she felt him spurt inside her unprotected womb, staying within her as his heart rate returned to normal. Collapsing beside her; she placed her head on his chest and held him as they drifted off to sleep.

Jenny, released from her bonds, stood on legs barely strong enough to hold her. Stumbling to the bathroom, she sat down heavily on the toilet causing the cistern to rattle; sighing as Jake’s essence poured from her aching anus and dripped from her well used pussy. Jake had fucked her ragged; despite being relatively fit for a thirty seven year old, her leg muscles ached. She couldn’t wait to get back in bed now that he was sleeping; after two nights of almost non-stop sex, she needed a rest. As she slipped back under the covers, sleep came easily.

Waking on her front; Jenny felt a tickling sensation between her legs. She was still half asleep, but humped back at the object busily vibrating against her mons. Attempting to reach down and brush it away, she heard the sound of metal chains against wood and a dull pain in her wrist. Shock wakened her fully; she took a second to register that the handcuffs were no longer dangling from the bedpost and a pillow lay under her stomach.

Coolness dripped between her bum cheeks and slipped towards her pussy; coating the head of the vibrator which entered her stretched vagina without resistance. She pulled her knees up, offering herself to him; groaning as he worked the toy into her. Begging for him to fuck her, pleading to be filled with his gorgeous, long cock; he obliged, discarding the vibe and sliding his tool into her wanton sex.

She didn’t hear the click of the camera; didn’t notice the figures in the doorway watching their son as she urged him to cum in her; to fill her adulterous married cunt with his virile seed. Oblivious to her audience; she threw her head back and screamed Jake’s name as he emptied himself deep within her slick pussy.

Jenny slumped forwards, her face buried in the pillow as Jake stepped off the bed. She heard quiet voices, so she turned her head; expecting to see one of Jake’s friends, come to take advantage of the horny, naked chick handcuffed to the bed, instead she saw Jake’s mother.

Shocked; Jenny tried her best to hide her face, but Nicole had already seen her, and she wasn’t surprised. “Don’t worry honey.” She said. “You’re not the first he’s seduced with that lovely long cock; you are the first he’s knocked up though.”

“But I’m not…”

“She’s usually right about these things.” Brian spoke from the doorway. “You might have been careful here and at home; but you weren’t so careful at the gym.”

“How do you know about the…?”

“I got in as Dad’s guest.” Jake returned from the bathroom and pulled on a pair of pants. “I think you denied him a chance to clean you up too.”

“So you were all in on this?” Jenny asked aghast. “What about Sarah? I thought you loved her?”

“I did,” Jake said, “But sex with you was more exciting, and I had a better chance of breeding you; Sarah’s too careful.”

“He takes after his father.” Nicole beamed. Jake unlocked the handcuffs; Jenny put her head in her hands and wept. Nicole put her arm around Jenny’s naked shoulders. “After you’ve seen the size of that thing, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to try it out once; but it’s never enough!”

“We güvenilir bahis şirketleri had to move house the when the mother of Jake’s last girlfriend became obsessed with him.” Brian said, looking at his camera; he nodded and passed it to Nicole.

“That’s the one.” She said to Brian; she turned the screen to Jenny, it showed a picture of her on her knees with her head thrown back, Jake ramming his cock into her sloppy pussy. “We’ve learned since. Just think of this as insurance; at least until the baby is born.”

“But I’m not pregnant.” Jenny said between sobs. “I can’t be. I was so careful!”

“Trust me.” Nicole said. “In around eight months, you’ll need to think of a damned good excuse. Maybe use the time to prepare Dave; get him used to the idea of being a cuckold. Get him turned on at the thought of this not being his baby. It’ll be quite obvious it’s not his when he sees it.”

“His wife and daughter.” Brian mused. “Knocked up by the same young lad.”

“Not Sarah!” Jenny’s eyes were wide with panic. “You can’t do this to my daughter.”

“She’ll let her guard down soon enough.” Nicole said. “Then you’ll have two lovely mixed race babies to look after.” Nicole patted Jenny on the shoulder then left the room, taking Brian with her. Jenny dressed in silence, tears slid down her cheeks as she wondered what she should tell Dave, and how she could warn Sarah.

Sarah woke with a smile on her face; she looked at the clock, it would be another three hours until her mum was due home, and she wanted to use the time wisely. Although she was sure that Dave’s sperm had certainly done its job, she was hungry for more. There was something about making love to him that she didn’t get from Jake, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She felt a deeper connection with Dave when they fucked, and she didn’t want it to stop after this weekend.

On her back, with her eyes closed, she absently stroked her mons; lost in her own little world until she felt breath on her vulva and her lips were parted by Dave’s tongue. He tasted her sweetness; lapping up her juices until she came, panting and cursing. Dave climbed up her body, his face glistening with her wetness as she kissed him. Sarah’s warmth enveloped him as she welcomed his rigid cock within her once more. Coupled, they moved together fluidly until her breathing became urgent and she pleaded to be fucked. He rose; lifting her legs, she brought her knees to her chest as he plunged deep inside her. Her cunt, slick, begging to be filled, muscles rippling over his cock as she cried out, cumming again as he ejaculated inside her.

Exhausted, they lay together in each other’s arms; their breathing synchronised as their lust evaporated. Sarah kissed him and got off the bed. “We’d better clean up before mum comes home.” She said. “I’ll need to wash these sheets; they stink of sex.” Dave inhaled.

“They smell of us.” Dave grinned. He grabbed his stepdaughter by the waist and pulled her onto the bed. “Better make it worthwhile then.” She crawled into the centre of the bed, offering herself to him as he took hold of her waist and impaled her. With her face in the pillows, she grunted and screamed as he filled her womb forcefully.

With the sheets in the washer, they tidied the rest of the house; all signs of their affair were squirreled away or disposed of. The last thing to clean was themselves, which they did together in the shower; the evidence of their debauchery rinsed down the drain as Sarah’s echoed cries faded and they kissed as secret lovers for the last time this weekend.

As the sheets were pulled from the tumble dryer, Jenny’s key turned the lock and the door opened. Although she’d had a shower, Jenny still looked dishevelled; she had wanted to get out of Jake’s house as soon as she could. The euphoria of the weekend had come crashing down, leaving her empty. She dropped her bag by the washer and hugged her daughter tightly. “Rough night, mum?”

“You have no idea!” Jenny sighed. “I can’t keep up with these youngsters like I used to. Have you two had fun?”

“We have, mum.” Sarah beamed. “We’ve had a lazy weekend, apart from Gio’s on Friday night. Dad treated me to dinner.”

“Lovely.” Jenny said as she unzipped the bag and stuffed the contents in the washing machine. She hoped that Sarah wouldn’t see that they were unworn, and was relieved that she was too busy folding her own sheets to notice.

They spent Sunday together; Jenny was far too tired that night for anything more strenuous than cuddling, feeling safe in Dave’s arms, she drifted off to sleep.

Tuesday came and went; Jenny’s monthly visitor failed to show. She was rarely late, but she figured that the stresses of the weekend might be a factor. She decided to wait until Friday before taking action and buying a pregnancy test; but it wasn’t until Saturday that she found herself staring at serene ladies holding their bellies on pastel blue boxes. She didn’t want to buy one; buying a pregnancy test only made it more real and she would have to face the music. She put the box down and hurried out of the store. Jenny’s period was still absent by the following Tuesday, but she was in denial, not wanting to admit that Nicole was right; that Jake’s baby grew inside her.

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