A Show for Marion

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I normally prefer to write my fantasies, but my new, 36-year-old, girlfriend Marion, that I introduced to you in my last true story “Secret lesbian dessert passion” encouraged me to write another story about one of our special nights. So there you have it!

This night again happened on the holidays I recently spent for two weeks with my girlfriend, Marion, in north Africa. We both think that it was our best love night during these two weeks apart from the night in the dessert, that I described in my last story “Secret lesbian dessert passion”.

Marion is 36 and so nine years older than me. She is quite tall and is a very sportive woman, feminine with some very good curves at her arse and her breasts, which are a lot bigger than mine. With both have brown, long hair. We are a pair now for about have a year and I really love her. She is a strong woman and the more dominating part of us.

For a lesbian pair in north Africa it’s better not to show the girl-to-girl love openly. So we limited our love to the privacy of our hotel rooms. In some way that limitation made it even hotter for us. Not being allowed to kiss and touch each other the whole day, we couldn’t keep our hands and mouths from each other during night. We also started to enjoy some quick and secret touches during day. A short stroke across the arse, an “accident”-touch to the breast and so on…

We had done long walks sightseeing on this day and were happy to be back in our hotel room. Marion was the first one to go into the shower and I followed. When I came out, she wore one of the white, soft bathing-robes of the hotel. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri It was half open, so that I could see some of her wonderful big, well shaped breasts and also some of her black pubic hair, that I loved to kiss.

I was still completely naked. I’m 27 now and smaller than Marion. I wear my hair a bit over shoulder length and it’s dark brown. My breasts are smaller than Marion’s but fit quite will to my figure and are still curvy enough. My arse could be a bit smaller, but it’s ok.

I moved to Marion and we exchanged a passionate French kiss. My hands wanted to touch her wonderful breasts, but she tossed them away. I knelt down and wanted to kiss her pubic hair, but she held my face away, only a few inches from her pussy. I could smell her wonderful lusty scent.

“No, Carmen, not yet! I would love to do me a favour this night,” Marion said with a smile on her face. “Every favour you like!”

“You love to watch me masturbate, Carmen, my sweet love? Do you?” She was so right. Marion had masturbated and let my watch on various occasions before and I was always getting very hot and aroused watching her. “This time I would like to watch you. I want you to give me a show, Carmen….and you will not regret it…” She pressed my face into her crotch for a moment and I kissed her dark hair. I loved it.

“Will you let me watch, Carmen?”

“Everything you want!” I raised and kissed her.

Marion took seat in a chair close to the bed. She gave me a soft clap on my naked arse, as I walked by her to the bed. I was a bit unsure and quite aroused. I really güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri loved to masturbate and I masturbate quite often, even in times when I have a girlfriend, but I never let somebody watch me. On the other side I knew how much I had enjoyed watching Marion and how much she loved me and adored my body.

I sat down on the bed and I closed my eyes; that made it easier for me. I slowly started to let my hands glide softly across my body. I caressed my legs, my stomach and my breasts. Gently I massaged my breasts with both of my hands, letting my nipples get hard very quickly. It wasn’t long till I started to relax and concentrate on pleasuring my body, on satisfying my rising lust. I felt the wetness at my pussy. I could not control my hands any longer and let one of it go down to my crotch. My fingers played through my pubic hair. I always love to play with my thick, dark bush.

My fingers reached my wet lips now, gliding along and finally one dove deep into my wet pussy. I moaned loud with pleasure. My other hand stilled caressed my breasts, played with my nipples. I could not resist now to open my eyes.

Marion`s eyes were fixed on me, on my body, on my show. And she too hadn’t been able to control her hands any longer. Both of her hands rested between her legs and I could see her fingers moving.

I closed my eyes again. I moved my finger softly along my slit, from my anus to my clit and back – very soft and gently and then I used my whole hand to stroke back again. I love the change between very gentle and harder touches. I played with my clit güvenilir bahis şirketleri a bit, rising my arousal further. Finally I again moved one finger into my cunt. My juices were flowing now freely. I started fingerfucking myself. I moaned loud now. After a short while I moved a second finger into my pussy. God it felt so good, and it felt even more lusty and arousing to know that my lesbian girlfriend was watching me and pleasuring herself due to my show for her. I moved my other hand now down from my breasts to my crotch and started caressing my clit, while still fucking myself with two fingers. I felt that an orgasm was building inside of me and raised the speed of my movements. When I finally came I pressed a third finger deep into my pussy and pressed my whole hand hard against my crotch. It was a great, big orgasm.

When I had relaxed again a bit, I opened my eyes again. Marion’s mouth was open. I could see how she was lusting for me now. I slowly moved my three, wet fingers out of my pussy and brought them up to my face, to my lips. I opened my mouth and licked my fingers clean from my lust juices. I love my own taste.

I enjoyed the taste of my fingers for a few seconds. Then I moved to fingers into my still wet cunt again. I raised and walked to Marion to feed her my juices from my fingers. Eagerly she licked them clean. She opened her legs wide and I saw how wet she already was. I knelt before her, kissing both her rock hard nipples, going down. Marion took my face softly and lead it between her legs and my waiting lips and tongue immediately started pleasuring her wonderful pussy. My hand was at my crotch again. I just had to touch myself again, so much did I love to eat my sexy, elder girlfriend.

That only was the start of a very long and passionate night of erotic passion and lusty lesbian sex…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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