A Sexual Rebirth Ch. 02

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Melanie fondled my semi-hard cock and balls under the water.

“I think he needs a little break,” she said to Sandy. “God, I really need to cum, bad!”

Sandy grinned and floated over to her little sister.

“Poor baby,” she teased, taking Melanie into her arms and rubbing her massive tits against her sister’s smaller, but still ample chest. Melanie sucked in a sharp breath as their long and obviously sensitive nipples made contact.

My dick went from half-mast to full-staff in an instant watching their slippery exhibition. I chose to keep that information to myself for the time being. I wasn’t about to miss out on two hot blondes getting it on in a swimming pool. Especially, two hot, blonde sisters!

Sandy lowered her head to Melanie’s left breast, running her tongue around the glistening aereola before sucking the erect bud into her mouth.

“Oh, God yes,” Melanie gasped.

Sandy reached up and began to pinch Melanie’s other nipple, pulling on it roughly while biting the one in her mouth gently.

Melanie was squirming and moaning loudly. Sandy raised her head to her sister’s face and their lips locked in a sensual kiss. I looked on in awe as they snaked their tongues in and out of each others mouth. My cock began to throb and jerk as I watched them lose themselves in the passion of the moment, their bodies melting together as one. That kiss must have lasted for a solid minute before Sandy broke it reluctantly. Taking Melanie by the hand she led her to the side of the pool and lifted her out of the water.

Melanie sat on the pool’s edge and spread her legs, allowing her sister easy access to her fat, swollen pussy lips. Sandy took a moment to admire the view, gently running her fingers along the outer rim of flesh and brushing her sister’s clit with the back of her hand.

Melanie gasped and shuddered. “God, you bitch!” she groaned. “Quit teasing me and lick my pussy.”

Sandy laughed. “My pleasure,” she said spreading Melanie’s lips apart with her fingers. She stopped with her face inches away and took a deep breath, savoring the aroma of her sister’s pussy. I wondered if it was like smelling her own juices. Without further hesitation she pushed her tongue deep into Melanie’s cunt.

Melanie immediately began moaning loudly and humping her hips forward against Sandy’s face. Sandy tongue-fucked her little sister enthusiastically, driving forward to meet her thrusts. They reached a near fever pitch and Melanie’s big tits bounced up and down rhythmically.

When Melanie’s breaths were coming in short gasps Sandy sucked her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri clit into her mouth and began flicking her tongue quickly across its pink surface. That was all it took to trigger Melanie’s intense orgasm which seemed to go on for an eternity.

“Yes! yes! yes!” she screamed as she coated her sister’s face with cum. Sandy lapped it all up hungrily and finally Melanie collapsed onto the deck.

Sandy turned and looked at me seductively, her sister’s juices glistening on her face. “I hope you’re ready because it’s my turn to get some satisfaction,” she said.

I started to assure her that I was, but she was already swimming towards me under water. When she reached me she took my dick into her mouth. It was a strange and wonderful sensation having my cock sucked underwater. The warmth of Sandy’s mouth combined with the coolness of the surrounding water was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Unfortunately, she had to come up for air before too long. She broke the surface of the water slowly, her eyes shining up at me with lusty intentions. She slowly stood, sliding her huge globes up the length of my body. She pulled me close against her and began running her tongue along my jaw line, stopping when she reached my ear. She gently nibbled on my lobe causing my whole body to tingle. I shivered when she slipped her tongue into my ear.

“Do you want me?” she whispered.

“God, yes,” I groaned.

She laughed happily and took hold of my cock. Using it like a handle she led me to the ladder at the side of the pool. As she climbed up ahead of me I had a wonderful view of her massive, swaying tits, nicely rounded ass and glistening, naked pussy lips.

As soon as I was out of the pool Sandy grabbed my dick again and pulled me to a reclining lounge chair. She turned and sat down facing me. Leaning forward, she placed her lips over the head of my cock and began slowly bobbing her head up and down my shaft. As I watched more and more of my meat disappeared into her hungry mouth. I was delighted when the entire length was no longer visible.

I had ceased thinking of Sandy as a woman who was like my aunt or even as an older woman. She had become this incredibly hot, statuesque, blonde babe that was giving me the best blow job I’d ever had. As I listened to the sucking and gurgling noises coming from Sandy’s mouth I suddenly realized she was deep-throating me.

This was a new experience for me and I decided to experiment a little. I began casually thrusting my hips forward to meet her mouth. When she didn’t miss a beat güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I began pushing harder and faster. Soon, I was fucking her face wildly as my thich eight inches slid in and out of her throat. I could feel myself getting near the edge as a fresh load of jism began to boil in my balls.

Sensing my condition, Sandy gripped the base of my cock and squeezed tightly, not allowing me the release I desperately needed. She continued to suck me for several minutes while never easing the pressure with her hand. When I was about to go out of my mind she finally slipped my member from between her lips and smiled up at me.

“Now I want you to fuck me,” she said matter-of-factly.

She stood up and turned around so that her back was to me. Climbing onto the lounge chair on her hands and knees she looked back at me and wiggled her ass.

“Come and get it big boy,” she invited.

I grinned and positioned myself behind her. She slid her legs further apart and I slipped my cock into her wetness. Her pussy was not as tight as her younger sisters but the warmth and wetness still felt great. I began to fuck her from behind in ernest.

“Oh, Keith!” Sandy moaned. “You feel so good. Fuck me harder!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I grabbed her hips and started driving forward, slamming into her roughly. On each stroke I pulled back until the tip of my dick was at the opening of her vagina before pounding forward.

Sandy was going wild. “Oh, baby. God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh shit! I’m cuming, I’m cuming!” she screamed.

I continued to fuck her as her orgasm overtook her. She shook uncontrollably beneath me as her moans rose into the country air. When her climax finally subsided I felt Melanie press up against me from behind. I leaned back against her naked breasts and she put her arms around me.

“Do you want to have some real fun?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered. Although I had already had the best sex of my life.

Melanie stepped out from behind me and picked up a bottle of tanning oil. She unscrewed the cap and poured a liberal amount on her sister’s ass. I watched, fascinated, my hard dick still embedded in Sandy’s pussy as the oil oozed down her cheeks and the crack of her ass. Melanie placed her hands on Sandy’s ass and began rubbing the oil into her cheeks.

“Mmmmm,” Sandy moaned. “That feels good.”

Melanie gave me a sly smile. “How does this feel?” she asked as she slid a finger along Sandy’s ass crack and rubbed oil onto her sister’s puckered opening with her finger.

Sandy güvenilir bahis şirketleri sucked in a sharp breath and pressed back against Melanie’s probing finger. I watched as Melanie pushed her finger past Sandy’s sphincter and into her rear tunnel. She began to slide it in and out of her sister’s ass like a miniature penis.

Sandy moaned louder and pushed back against her sister’s finger. This motion reminded that I was still inside her and I slowly began to fuck her again. Melanie added a second finger and then a third, stretching Sandy’s asshole wide while lubricating it with the oil. Sandy began to buck and writhe as both of her holes were filled.

Melanie removed her fingers and used them to spread Sandy’s asshole wide. I couldn’t believe my luck. Anal sex was something I had fantasized about but never had the opportunity to try. I pulled out of Sandy’s pussy and placed the head of my cock against her asshole. Slowly I pushed forward until I was past her opening. Thanks to the oil and Melanie’s fingers her chute was well-lubed and with a few deliberate strokes I was buried to the hilt in her ass.

This was easily the best thing I had ever experienced. Sandy’s snatch was fairly loose, but by contrast her ass was such a snug fit it felt like a hundred tiny sets of hands were massaging the length of my shaft in all the right places.

Sandy moaned and thrust back against my cock.

“Don’t be afraid to fuck her hard,” Melanie said and she smacked her sister’s ass sharply leaving a red hand print.

I began to pull back and thrust into Sandy’s ass. Meanwhile, Melanie laid down on her back on the lounge chair and slid underneath her sister. She paused to suck on Sandy’s tits which were hanging over her face. She sucked the nipples into her mouth and Sandy jumped which caused my dick to spasm in her ass.

Melanie slid further downward until her mouth found her sister’s clit. She flicked her tongue over Sandy’s love button while I shoved my cock up her ass as hard as I could.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, I love it,” Sandy squeeled.

Suddenly, her body tensed as another orgasm began to build. When this happened her anal muscles squeezed my cock hard and I shot my load deep into her ass. The tremors from Sandy’s climax continued for some time. All the while her ass was locked onto my cock like a vice.

Finally she was finished and I was able to slide out of her. She turned and gave me a hug and a long kiss. Melanie came and joined us. She also gave me a hug and a kiss and then gave her sister one as well. Exhausted and overheated, the three of us jumped back into the inviting water of the pool.

Since that first encounter I’ve hooked up with Sandy and Melanie several more times. I think my wife would be happy that I’m finally letting go. I’m actually kind of looking forward to dating again. Who knows? Maybe I’ll meet a nice woman with a sister.

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