A pick up at the bar and a taxi ride

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A pick up at the bar and a taxi ride
I had gone with the girls to a local dance club that night.
Everything looked to go so well…
I had first seen that man in the dance floor. Something about him really caught my attention and I was getting aroused by the minute.

In order to get a closer look at him, I dragged some of my girlfriends onto the dance floor near that guy. At that closer distance I liked what I could see even more: he was in his early thirties; was tall and well built and athletic, He was really a handsome guy; but the wedding ring he wore was an enticement more than a put off.

However, he did not seem to be interested in the girls around him. He looked just concentrated on dancing alone and smilig for himself, as he sipped beer glass.

I knew that tonight I could do anything I wanted; because my loving husband would never find out about my night out wuith the girls…

Victor had gone out of town for some days and so I had plenty of time available just for myself…

I watched the lonely dancer and decided that a more direct action was needed, if I wanted that man between my thighs.

Handing my glass to one of the girls; I backed towards him until my firm round buttocks just rubbed against his crotch…
That finally got his attention and then, without a single word, he slipped his arms around my waist from behind.

He was married and that was a total challenge for me, I though, as we started to grind together.
His hands tightened around my waist pulling my hips round in a circular motion to match his own. I could feel his hard cock through the thin material of his trousers. It was rubbing against my buttocks through my summer dress and my tiny thong just was leaving my ass cheeks exposed to that nice contact.

The soft rubbing was beginning to have an effect on him, because soon I felt his knob quickly hardening and pushing into me from behind. The ease with which his dick shot up took me by surprise.

Then I knew that this man would be mine tonight…

During several songs he pushed his crotch against my buttocks.
The effect on him was obvious, but I was really enjoying it too.
His cock rubbing up and down my ass crack was making me get aroused and the motion bahis siteleri of my own legs causing friction in my damp pussy.

Then I felt one of his hands trailing up from my waist to my boobs.
I lifted my both hands over my head, running them through his hair and pulling his head to my shoulder, causing my tits to stick out more. Slowly he rubbed my firm tits, making my stiff nipples poke through the thin material of my dress.
He grasped my nipples between his fingers, gently squeezing and pinching them. I turned my head to him and moaned into his ear. This obviously had the desired effect as he ground his now hard erection into my buttocks.

Then I reached down my hand and rubbed up and down the outline of his hardened cock.

I asked him if we could go to another place, staring into his eyes as his dick felt growing even bigger in my hand…

Then he whispered in my ear that his wife would not be so happy…
I smiled and said that we should not have to worry about her; as I squeezed his dick and licked my red glistening lips.

I offered him to go to my place; so we could play a lot there…
He seemed unable to decide, so I took him by the hand and led the way out of the club.

I had gone there in one of my friend’s car and he said his wife had taken home his car earlier. So we soon climbed up inside a taxi.

Sliding on to the back seat, I made sure that my summer dress rode up to reveal my tiny black thong. The guy practically dove in behind me; kissing my red lips in a wild way and pushing a hand between my spread long legs.

He began rubbing my pussy lips through my tiny thong; parting them at the centre. I felt my labia very wet and swollen…

As he kissed me and fondled my pussy, I just unzipped his trousers and slid my hand inside, to feel his warm throbbing cock…

I wrapped my fingers around it and it felt really very thick.
I moaned to myself, thinking how it would stretch me when he rammed it up my desperate hot cunt…

Never breaking our kissing, I began to rub his shaft furiously. He had been hard as a rock since the first dance inside the club.
The feel of his cock in my hand and his hand rubbing my clit was building me up and I soon felt a well known perabet güvenilir mi tingle in my belly…

Suddenly the guy pulled my thong aside and ran his naughty fingers up and down my exposed, nice trimmed cunt. Slipping his fingers between my wet pussy lips, he spread my juices around the opening of my cunt. He looked to be trying to tease me by touching me a bit at a time, but I was far beyond that.

Then I grabbed his hand and roughly pulled it into my crotch. He took the hint and shoved two fingers up my now dripping cunt, flicking at my clit with his thumb, as I moaned into his ear.

The taxi cabin was very hot and we were both sweating on the leather seat. I could feel my sweat and juices soaking through my thin summer dress and sticking my thighs and arse to the seat.

Suddenly the handsome guy shoved his fingers deeply in my cunt; making me to moan louder.
It was too much for me and then I came on his fingers.
I moaned into his mouth and felt my pussy walls clamping tight around his naughty fingers, drenching his hand in my sticky cum.

He pulled away smiling at me. The bastard looked pleased he had brought me off so easily. I smiled back and began again to rub his cock, determined to make him cum too.
Then I remembered we were in the back seat of a taxi and also a taxi driver was there present.

Glancing up at him I saw his hungry eyes drilling into me through the rear view mirror; he had been watching all the time…
The driver was a huge black man and he could not believe his luck as I stared into his eyes rubbing my wet pussy for him. He had been watching all the action since we got into the back of his cab…

I moaned, still rubbing my wet cunt and looking him in the eyes.

Then the black guy spoke for the very first time, saying he would park the car in a dark corner and so I could fuck my new married lover as he watched us and he jerked himself.
My partner said it was fine for him…

But then I offered him to come around to have a better view.
The driver got got out from the car and pulled the back door open.

I smiled at both of them; then I got up on thre seat on all fours, with my ass pointing towards the horny black driver. tipobet Then I shoved my face nmy lover’s crotch and soon I was sucking his hard dick.

The driver stood behind me and pulled out a huge black cock; my summer dress was up around my waist and my tiny thong still pulled aside, showing my wet dripping pussy.

I realized that I was truly out of control tonight.
Then I begged the driver to take my thong off; it was very wet and getting a bit uncomfortable between my swollen pussy lips.

The black guy wasted no time and he reached his hands to my hip.
He slowly slid his fingers and pulled down my thong.

Watching at my exposed swollen cunt sent him for sure to the edge; because he suddenly spurted wave after wave of warm semen onto my bare buttocks.

I sucked the married man right into my throat with renewed vigour, squeezing his balls and rubbing what was out of my wet mouth.
He felt himself nearing the edge and then he grabbed my hair with both hands as he went over it.
Thrusting up his hips on my head, he shoved his cock to the back of my gagging throat and shot his warm salty semen right there.
I pulled my head back swallowing as I did. I loved the tasty cum.
As he finished, he just groaned and slumped back into the seat.

I turned around to see the black driver; he was again jerking himself and his huge cock was at full attention, I handed him my soaked thong and said he could get it as a souvenir. He smiled and put the tiny piece of cloth into his pocket.
Then I asked if he wanted to feel a hot married white pussy…

He did not even answer; just stepped forward and grabbed my round hips. I closed my eyes and braced myself; knowing it would hurt me.
Soon I felt a painful sensation in my wet swollen cunt; as that dark hard shaft slid completely inside of my soaking vagina, making me moan in pain…

The black man started to pump my cunt from behind; as my new married lover smiled at me, enjoying the show in front of his eyes.

I came another time, feeling that huge black cock destroying my married cunt. And soon the black driver also came in me; filling my womb with his sticky cum.
He grunted like a bear and then he pulled out quickly.

Then he sat again at the driver seat and asked us if we were ready to continue the trip.
I smiled and said he would hurry to get me home; if he wanted to enjoy the only hole I still had in one piece…

The black man smiled in the rearview mirror and he pushed hard the accelerator…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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