A Night Of True Bliss

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As Aunt Eileen and I entered the house, our bodies covered in mud, laughing as we made our way up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom. We paused for just a moment and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes, we just held each other close for brief moment. As we parted, she grabbed two towels from the linen closet, tossed one over to me, “You are going to join me, right?” I did not answer, just took her by the hand and led her into shower stall, just off the bedroom.

We entered the cramped space, she reached in to set the water to just the right temperature. As she did, My left hand gave her “love smack” on her backside. She just turned to me shaking her head, “What am I to do with you, Bri?”

“Seems you already found plenty of things to do with me,” I answered back.

“You’re a brat!” she sneered.

I just shrugged my shoulders as she stepped into the shower. I just watched for a bit seeing the dirt and sweat fall off her gorgeous and firm body, still not believing we were doing what were together. I could not fathom that I would be making love to my own Aunt, but as fate would have it I most certainly was. As she reached for the soap, I grabbed her hand, she pulled me in to stand directly in front of this unbelievable specimen of womanhood. I took hold of the soft soap and applied a dabble to my palm, working up the lather. I started at her neck, gently, rhythmically working it into her neck area, slowly and teasingly.

Continuing to watch her face, seeing eyes close shut and soft cooing sounds coming from her was just overcoming me. I worked my way down her shoulders, arms and hands, she was smooth as glass. Just lathered her entire body from neck to toe, then watched as she rinsed off, her now silky white body, glistening and beads formed all over her. I was just flabbergasted by what was transpiring. My knees just buckled, she teased me so by not allowing me to touch her after that. Just watched her wash her own hair, her gyrating movements, left me spellbound.

When she finished her “Tease Session” she returned the favor, of washing my body. Feeling her touching me was sensation indescribable. She was gentle and methodical, paying such attention to every inch of me, I now knew what she must have felt. We finished rinsing, not a single word was spoken the whole time, the actions just said it all. We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off, touching each other in same spots, at same time. We opened the door to step back into air-conditioned bedroom, where our lips were about to meet…

But as fate would have it, the phone rang. “Fuck!” Eileen exclaimed. I tried not to laugh, but my Aunt does not swear much out of the bedroom, so to hear her say this, just cracked me up. She grabbed the phone and said:

“Yes Dear, You have to go tonight?”

“I know it’s your job, but it’s…”

“Alright! When can I expect you back?”

“Your sure, Tomorrow? Alright, I love You.”

“Call me when you get to Hotel.”


She hung up the canlı bahis phone shook her head, and let out a scream. “Well looks like you and I tonight, Bri, Uncle Dale had to go to Harrisburg, they’re having a hearing tomorrow on Landfill Application. So he won’t be back till tomorrow night.” With that this evil-eyed sex machine grinned at me and jumped into my arms, as I twirled her around in circles. We fell to the floor as our mouths began to explore one another, kissing like there was no tomorrow.

“Wait baby, I want to save up for tonight, I have something very special planned for you tonight, but you have to promise not to try anything with me till then or your going to lose out on tonight.” She explained. With a kiss on her cheek, I reluctantly agreed to her request.

The rest of twilight time seemed to last forever. I was trying really hard not to break our pact, but became so difficult. Especially with my Aunt walking around in such seductive manner. A pair of black short-shorts and white top, tied in front and pulled tightly over her well pronounced breast.

What is a 18 year old to do? I thought, anything to get my mind off of her, but no matter what there she was taunting me with those long muscular tanned legs, that firm, defined abdomen. Her voluptuous breasts, the beautiful face, and gleaming smile, to her long flaxen blonde hair. Plain and simple she was a knockout. I know all my friends used to comment about her all the time, if they only knew how hot she really was and knew what I was going to be doing tonight.

Around 8pm or so, the sun was setting over the mountain, the sky had that purplish-orange look to it, as her and I stood out in the yard, arm-in-arm. We kissed few times, as we strolled back to the house.

*Riiinnngggg* it was the phone, as I answered it, it was my friend Dave calling asking me if I wanted to go to the mall. Without hesitating I told him no, I was not feeling good and just wanted to stay in tonight. My aunt standing in the hallway eavesdropping, without realizing it shouted YESSSSS!! I almost lost it again, as Dave was finishing whatever it was he was saying I have no clue or even care at that moment. We said our good-byes, and as I hung up the phone, I turned to her and said, “Well you sound happy?”

“Bri, you know I am hun.” she whispered as she touched my cheek. “But before I fulfill your night, I need you to run this envelope to Aunt Mary, she needs it for work tomorrow, ok? I thought I had inkling that she was setting me up, and was not being to subtle about it, but I agreed and took the letter to my other aunt across the lake. My thoughts going and on way back were just filled with fantasies that might await me, I was very excited as I got back to the house wondering what could await me inside.

I composed myself best I could as I slowly turned the brass door knob and allowed myself in, by now it was fairly dark and al the lights were off, except for some well placed candles lit along the planter leading up the steps. As I looked down, bahis siteleri a trail of rose petals lay upon the steps two on each step across from one another, attached to pieces of paper that read:

Dear Brian You have Made Me Feel Like

By now I reached the top of the steps, and looked down the hallway, that too was lined with glass candles on the floor and a rose trail continued as I picked up each, my excitement mounted and my heart melted by what I read

A woman All Over Again For this I Love You Tonight is ours Come to me

With that I stood outside her room, the aroma was intoxicating, I knocked. “Please Sir, do come in” She stated. I entered the darkened room, as the door closed, she passed by me, glancing herself against me as she disappeared in the darkness. Then one by one, candlesticks were lit on the floor in a pattern of some sort, I could not make out at first. I then realized after few passes what it was….The words “I LOVE YOU” in all it’s flaming glory. My heart sank, I felt like I could pass out at any moment.

Her image now clear in the bright yellow-orange brilliance the flames gave off. She was dressed in black satin robe, she came to me and took my hands upon her shoulders. I then slid this garment off exposing her to see the black teddy and garters and heels. I began to shake as her warm touch of her hands stroked my hair. My mouth was dry as she licked my lips. She lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. Her mouth began it’s journey on my naked chest sucking my nipples as I could feel the goosebumps rise on my arms.

I wrapped my arms around her, tossing my head to the side, enjoying what she was doing to me. All at once she stopped and backed away a step. She got on her knees, slid her hands sliding her hands up my legs to hem of my white shorts, licking her lips seductively, she found my zipper and snap, and agonizingly slowly removed them from me. Her hands again working up my legs with slow motioning patience, she got to my bikini underwear. Easing her fingers inside again cautiously removed them as well tossing it with all my other clothes.

My hardness was evident, she massaged my balls, rolling them between her fingers, she added bit of her saliva to my purplish, thick head. With precum oozing out she methodically began sucking on me. All I could do was to run my hands through hair soft hair, enjoying her every lick, every touch of her magical fingers. As she took it in deeper, her moans become more vocal. Finally she had all 7″ in her mouth and now she began sucking it hard and fast, raking her teeth across it. Totally blowing my mind, I tried my damnedest to hold out for as long as I could but the pressure building was way too much for young boy like me to handle…”Eileen, baby, I am going to….Cum…!!”

With that she sucked even faster and harder. I was flushed, I grabbed handful of hair and without further warning shot a load inside her mouth, she swallowed all of it with ease.

Then she arose, turned to dresser bahis şirketleri drawer to which a stereo was it’s home, she hit a button and this romantic instrumental began to play. She stood in the glowing light and started to undress, slipping the thin straps of her teddy down her shoulders, then wiggling her curvaceous body to allow it to fall into a circle around her ankles. Stepping away she came toward me in stockings and heels, wrapped those arms around me and kissed me like never before, her tongue was magical, her aroma of perfume was intoxicating.

I fell into her spell, nothing else no one else existed on this planet but her and I. She led me to her bed, seeing that my loins were stirring again, she buried her head between my legs and sucked me in till I was hard again. Tossing her hair around to fall to one side, she quickly and easily took me deep into herself. Her muscles went to work quickly forming around me then like a vice tightening around my manhood the releasing me as I pulled away from her, back and forth this went, as my mouth found her little nubs on each breasts, I suckled them as child does to his mommy.

I adored her, I pleasured her as she returned the favor eagerly. Our bodies meshed together, we fit together. As she rode me, the room was filled with the scent of sex. Her moans become screams. Her head thrashing from one side to another. I knew she was on the verge, and then bang I felt her grip tighten more and she shook violently as her orgasm blew her away. She fell back onto her back her legs spread wide as her love juices flowed like a river from her womanhood.

Without hesitating I kissed her mouth and begun my exploration towards heaven. Tracing every inch of her lovely body with my mouth. Easing down her neck, gently nibbling her lobes. My hands massing her soft smooth legs tracing around her firm mounds of flesh, her areolas and those taught nipples, my hand now on her entrance, teasing her fully, massaging her clit, feeling her come up to meet my every touch. My tongue now onto her firm flat stomach, encircling her navel. Now my finger pushing past her folds, she was so soaked, and so loose, I could now smell the intoxicating aroma she sent off.

I then with few fingers now stretching her out, my tongue began it’s journey on her clitoris, flicking it sucking it as she pulled me in deeper and deeper. I knew again she was just about ready. I stopped! slid up more onto her, looked deep into her eyes…

“I LOVE YOU, EILEEN!” was all that was spoken as she closed her eyes and I slid my manhood deep inside her once again. She worked it over with all she had. I squeezed her breasts, our mouths could not get enough as I was sticky with her sex. I drove it in deep, we got into such a rhythm, we were so enthralled by what was happening, our eyes were locked in as we made passionate love to one another, finally neither one of us, could hold back.

“Gawd, Brian, Ohhhhh, Baby..Yessssss. Awwwwwww MMMMMM….Nowwwwww,” she groaned.

I slammed her harder my insides ached, I could not hold it and with a, “EIIILLLLLEEEENNN” I again exploded inside her. We both were shaking uncontrollably as we succumbed to our passions. We held each other close as we both headed for dream world…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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