A Mutual Learning Experience

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Many thanks to robertreams who edited this story.

Some years ago several of us guys were sitting around talking. One friend told about the time he was in a restaurant, seated near a table with several middle aged ladies and one young man. One woman, apparently the mother of the young man, was slightly drunk. She was berating him for chasing women. She told him in a voice loud enough to be heard at several other tables. “I would have slept with you.”

At the time we all agreed that we felt sorry for the young man and the embarrassment he must have felt. We were all men, I don’t know what a woman might have thought about it.

In the years since I have sometimes wondered what the young man did afterward, and what I would have done in the same circumstances.

I’m David Smith, at the time this story began, I was 22. I’m not too bad in the build and looks department, but no Adonis either. I was close to finishing an engineering degree. I had not decided whether to find a job or continue my education. There were several girlfriends in my past. None of them too serious.

My mother is Mary Smith. She was widowed when I was about 12 years old. Mother often jokes about her name. She says she gets lost in the phone book and may change her name to Jane Doe. She has a decent job and my father’s insurance has given her a little extra income. I would call her average in the looks department. She is 5′ 4″ with a pleasant face and medium length brown hair. She is slightly overweight, but not what I would call dumpy. She dresses conservatively and is usually quite prim and proper.

Mother almost never drinks, rarely to excess, but she did that one time. That one time that changed everything.

We, my mother and I, were having dinner with her two sisters. I was the only male. After a few drinks, my aunts started asking me about girlfriends. At the time I didn’t have any, was having only occasional dates. I don’t know what set Mother off, but she had definitely had had too much to drink. She told her sisters I was only interested in bedding young girls, not wanting to settle down.

Then she told me, “All you ever do is chase skirts. You only want to sleep with women.” After a slight hesitation, she continued, “I would have slept with you.”

I was aghast, I had never heard my mother talk like that before. She had always been somewhat prudish. My aunts looked somewhat shocked and diners at nearby tables looked over at us.

I thought it was time to get Mother out of there, to bid my aunts a hasty goodbye. After helping Mother to the car, I drove us both home. On the way, she reached over and grabbed my arm. “Did you hear me, David?” she asked, her “I would have slept with you. I have wanted to for years.” Her voice was a little slurred, but understandable. When I didn’t respond she pulled her dress up to her waist. She then grabbed my hand and brought it to her panty clad crotch. “There, she said loudly, “I want you there.” I felt a wet spot on her panties. I was immediately overcome with a feeling of lust for her. I had never before been sexually attracted to my mother; this was a new feeling for me. I felt my cock hardening.

After barely missing another car, I thought that I had better pay attention to driving and put my hand back on the wheel, trying to ignore my growing hard on. Mother must have been feeling rejected when I took my hand from her. She didn’t say or do anything more until we got home. As I parked, Mother said, “I’m sorry I embarrassed you.”

I helped Mother out of the car and into the house. She was quite unsteady. I still had a hard-on. As I struggled to support her without her feeling my hard cock. I guided her to her bedroom led her to her bed and backed her up against it. The back of Mother’s knees hit the edge of the bed. She fell back, pulling me down atop her, my hard cock pressed into her belly.

I did not know how to proceed. Part of me wanted to fuck her right now, right there. Another part thought I should give her a chance to sober up.

She decided for both of us. She threw her arms around my neck, kissing me wetly, mouth open. In my aroused state, the kiss was more than I could take. I yanked down her panties, kneeling I yanked them from her feet. Her thighs opened, exposing her pussy. The dark curled mass at her center was soaking, her wet red lips protruding. I quickly undid my belt and dropped my pants, fumbling somewhat, but my shorts quickly followed. My raging hard on stood straight and firm. My mother, still drunk, held her arms up to me. We were still half clothed when I laid atop her and slid my manhood into her warm wet pussy. canlı bahis She responded, thrusting against me, sliding down on my steely cock, taking all of me. I came too quickly, shooting my load immediately.

As I softened, I rolled off her. Lying alongside her, I removed the rest of her clothing. With her fumbling help, we soon had her naked. My shirt followed. We rolled to the middle of the bed. She reached to fondle my manhood. I played with her wet cunt and sucked her hard nipples.

Before long I could feel myself hard again. Mother implored me, her hand reaching out grasping, hungry. “I want you hard, I want you in me.”

She pushed me onto my back, stroked my cock to a new hardness. She straddled my loins. As she lowered herself, her hot, wet pussy surrounded my cock, drawing it deep into her she leaned forward to make me suck her hard nipples as she fucked me. She rode me hard, whispering “so big, so nice”. She wasn’t long in coming. Her body quivered with excitement. She moaned louder in ecstasy. I rolled her over, my dick firmly in her. I fucked hard, thrusting into her, slamming my body into hers. She responded, thrusting back at me. Our fucking grew intense as we approached climax. Thrusting madly against one another, we came together in glorious orgasm.

I lay on top of her for a few moments as I softened, then rolled off her, lying naked against her, playing with her breasts. She was still drunk and her voice was still slurred. She was rambling, “I’m glad we did that”

“I’m sorry,” she said, “that was wrong.”

“I’m so ashamed.” she continued.

Finally Mother said, “It was so good”

I kissed her and petted her until she calmed down, eventually falling asleep. I had a dilemma. Should I sleep in her bed, or go to my own room? I was concerned what would happen when we woke. I decided it would be best to face the music. I fell asleep snuggled against my naked mother.

Chapter 2

Orgasm had relaxed me, even so, my sleep wasn’t very deep. In the morning I felt Mother stir. I pretended to be asleep until I could judge her reaction. I felt her start, then sit up, as she realized I was sleeping naked next to her. I heard a soft “oh”, but she didn’t move for several moments.

I opened my eyes to let her know I was awake. She looked slightly disheveled and a little hung over. She had that ‘well fucked’ look. Mother’s eyes roved down both our naked bodies. She asked, “Did we?”

I replied that yes, we had.

She had a strange look on her face. “Oh my God, this is so wrong.”

“Mother I love you,” was my answer, but I was unsure how much or what kind of love I felt for her then.

Mother’s reply was to rise, shower and dress. “We’ll talk later,” she called from the bathroom.

I headed for my own room and the other bath. I was cleaned up, dressed and in the kitchen by the time I heard her shower stop.

When she appeared, I had coffee and juice ready. She gave me a rueful look, but sat at the table. She was fully dressed, in slacks and high collared blouse. Mother usually dresses conservatively, tending to the prim side. We didn’t run around the house half dressed and we didn’t swear at home. I have always called her Mother, never ‘Mom’. Despite all that, she was a good mother, very loving and willing to discuss most things with me as I grew up. But she was kind of reticent about any subject bordering on sexual matters.

After juice and coffee, mother looked at me and sighed, then spoke, “I remember most of yesterday and last night, David. I had too much to drink, but I can’t use that as an excuse for my behavior.” After a pause Mother continued, “What we did was wrong and I must take the blame for it.”

I saw a tear on her cheek as she continued. “I am afraid I embarrassed you and my sisters at the restaurant. And I acted like a slut when we got home.”

I interrupted her to say, “Mother I love you.” Then I asked. “Mother you said you would have slept with me. Did you mean would have, or wanted to.”

She said nothing for a short while then sighed, “both I guess. There were times when I fantasized about sex with you. So I guess the answer is, yes, I wanted to.”

I reached across the table and clasped her hand. “And now we have. I love you,” I told her again. “I don’t regret anything. I’m glad I found out I love you and I desire you.”

Mother sat there for a time, her hand in mine, then, squeezing my hand, she said “Thank you, I’m glad you don’t despise me for the way I acted. Now I need to get some rest and think.” She rose and went to her room.

I didn’t see her again until midafternoon. bahis siteleri I was in the living room, halfway watching television and wondering what would develop. I really hoped things weren’t screwed up between us, but I had to admit the right thing to do, last night, would have been to put her to bed and go to my own room. I was surprised I felt so hot over a woman with a body type that would not normally appeal to me. I didn’t try to analyze the reason, but decided to accept it.

As I said before, mother is 5′ 4″ and slightly overweight. She works as an executive at a large department store. Her dress for work is very conservative, even severe. She will usually wear a suit with skirt and high necked blouse, occasionally, a pants suit. Even at home, her dress is very conservative. She prefers dresses and skirts to slacks. She is always fully dressed when I see her. There are no unintentional displays, ever. Her breasts are always primly contained. She has a pleasant face. Her straight brown hair is cut barely above her shoulders. She wears a minimum of makeup, but uses it expertly.

Her breasts are on the plump side; they sag only a little. Her aureoles are large and dark, with a reddish tint. The cheeks of her ass sag a bit, and she has the beginning of a roll at her belly. This is the woman I am lusting after.

She finally appeared, looking much refreshed, wearing a skirt but the same severe blouse. She flashed me a small smile and sat on the couch

“David,” she spoke softly, “I think everything that happened was my fault. I won’t try to blame the liquor.” She paused, took a breath, and continued, “I have to admit the truth to myself: I enjoyed our lovemaking. And if I didn’t instigate it, I certainly encouraged you.” Another pause. “We have gone where we shouldn’t have. But it is done and I don’t feel the regret or shame I should feel.” She rose and started toward the kitchen. She called back over her shoulder, asking if I would like coffee.

When I replied I would, she went to the kitchen counter. I followed, moved up behind her. My arms went around her waist. I whispered, “I love you Mother.” She leaned against me. My dick hardened. One hand moved to her breast, she covered it with her own. She pushed back into my hard cock, nestling it in the crack of her ass. My other hand drifted to her skirt-covered thigh. Mother pulled up her skirt, allowing my hand access to her crotch. To my amazement, my prim, staid mother wore no panties. This discovery caused my hard cock to swell outrageously.

Mother turned, raising her face for a kiss, a different kiss than the hot wet kisses of yesterday. This kiss began softly, our tongues gently probing. As our kiss intensified, got hotter, we pressed our crotches hard against one another. Breaking off the kiss, mother asked me softly, “David, what have we started?”

Coffee was forgotten as I led Mother back to the living room couch. We sat. “David, I have to admit, I don’t know much about making love. Your father and I never got beyond the basics. I enjoyed that, but from listening to other women, I think we missed a lot.”

I put my arm around her, hugged her and replied, “I am no expert either, mother, but we can start with what we do know and learn more together.”

We embraced and kissed softly, passion building. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, followed by her bra. Mother did not have large breasts, but they were plump and fit her body style well. Her nipples grew hard as I tweaked them, then pulled her to me to suck them. She unbuttoned my shirt and opened my belt, sliding her hand across the tight denim barely restraining my engorged dick. I stood, removed my shirt and pants, but left my shorts on. My hard-on was rampantly obvious, with or without shorts.

I knelt before her and pushed her skirt up. She opened wide for me. I leaned in, running my tongue from her bottom to the top of her swollen red lips. Mother gasped. I raised her legs onto my shoulders, ran my tongue up and down her lips and around her clit. I stiffened my tongue, pushed it into her, tongue fucking her as deeply as I could. I sucked her clit. She moaned in ecstasy. She had an orgasm then. Her hands grasped my hair, pulling me tighter to her, into her warm, wet and very fragrant pussy. Her thighs clamped my head. She pulled me tighter to her. Her heels thumped against my back as she moaned, “don’t stop, don’t stop.” I continued to eat Mother. She came continuously; orgasm following orgasm so closely there was hardly a pause. She was about to lose consciousness when she pushed my head back. I eased her back to earth by softly licking at her labia and rubbing bahis şirketleri my unshaven face along her thighs.

I moved back. She slid off the couch to kneel facing me. We kissed, a wet, open-mouthed kiss. She tasted her pussy juice on my tongue and licked more off my face. She reached for my shorts, pushed them down over my hard cock, as far as they would go. I lay on my back and kicked them off. My rigid prick stood straight up. Mother hesitantly reached for it slowly rubbing her hand along it.

Mother told me no one had ever gone down on her. She explained, “Since your father died, I have not gone out much. The few times I have had sex I didn’t let it get too far. I was afraid men would think anything but ‘usual’ was kinky. Maybe that’s why my affairs never lasted long.” She paused, musing, then continued, “I have never felt such a thrill, or had an orgasm so strong and intense as what you just did to me, for me.” She went on, “I’ve never kissed a man ‘down there’ either.”

I pulled her down to lie alongside me and spoke as I stroked her hair, “Mother we are both learning. You can kiss me there when you are ready. I will like it and probably you will too.”

She replied, “I do want to, and I want to now. I just don’t know how.”

“You’ll do fine,” I told her, “just trust your instincts.” I gently eased her face toward my cock. “Make love to him, like you would to me.”

She experimentally kissed his tip at first, then opened her mouth and slid her lips down over my cock. Mother sucked a bit timidly at first, but soon became enthusiastic. There was nothing expert about my mother’s first attempt at a blow job, but the thrill of getting a blow job from my mother, the very ‘wrongness’ of the whole idea, brought me quickly to the verge of climax.

“I’m coming.” I warned her.

She lifted her head to look at me. “I want you to.” She said, lowering her head back to my manhood. I came quickly then, shooting my load of hot come into her eager mouth. She continued sucking, milking my cock of the last drops. Finally, she lifted her head from him and moved to lie next to me. Her hand behind my head brought my face to hers for a kiss. She hadn’t swallowed. As we kissed my come flowed from her mouth into mine. I loved it. I had never tasted my own come and now, mixed with the funky sweet taste of Mother’s pussy, it seemed like the liquor of the gods. We kissed open-mouthed for a long time, but finally broke for air. She swallowed then. So did I.

“Was that good?” my mother asked, inquiring about her first ever blow job.

“Wonderful.” I replied as I leaned down to kiss her.

She touched my, now soft, cock and smiled.

“I never dreamed I would do such a thing,” she said softly, “but I loved it, and what you did to me was wonderful.” Lightly stroking my cock she continued, “I want more.”

As if by Mother’s command, I began playing with her tits again, sucking and twiddling her hard nipples, pulling her skirt up, rubbing my hand over her pussy. She moaned softly and kissed me hard. I pushed my finger into her wet pussy and caressed her clit. She moaned again, louder. I added another finger, pushed them deep into her. She thrust back at me. Her hand fondled my cock, working me up to rigid hardness once again. I was young and resilient; it didn’t take long. Mother was wet and ready. She rolled onto her back and opened her arms and legs to me. I knelt between her legs. She lifted slightly, lining us up. I rubbed the tip of my hard cock against her clit before sliding it into her wet and willing and wide open cunt. Her hands on my butt pulled me hard into her. Her legs clasped my back, holding me. I filled Mother’s pussy with my cock. I fucked her deep and hard. Since I had come not long before, I was able to hold my orgasm until Mother began moaning and thrusting against me.

Last night Mother had come twice, today she came multiple times. Panting, she gasped into my ear, “More, more, don’t stop son, don’t stop.” Rolling over, Mother rode atop me, pierced herself with her son’s hard cock, surrounded me with her wet fullness until my come exploded inside her. I grabbed her hips, slid her off my still dripping prick and pulled her up to my face, my tongue searching for her pussy, licking and sucking her cunt, my hot come still inside her. She came again rubbing her hot wet pussy on my face. As her orgasm ended, she rolled off and kissed me, sucking our mixed juices from my lips and tongue. She lay next to me. We cuddled and kissed for quite a while. We still hadn’t gotten her skirt off.

Mother rolled to her back, still clad in her skirt, but nothing else. I sat up naked, next to her. Looked over at her. She looked beautiful. Her hair was messed, there was come on her chin, she remained my chunky, slightly overweight mother, but now she was my lover and my mother. There was a glow. She was beautiful.

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