A Midnight Snack with Teacher

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Rachel woke up so excited. She was going to see Mr. Samuels today. He had been her favorite teacher, but also a friend, during her high school days but sadly she had graduated and moved away to go to college. She wonders if he looks the same, considering she hasn’t seen him in over 5 years. She surprisingly had found him again on a popular social networking site but he had no pictures posted. His looks, back then, had been of a typical high school teacher. He had carefully kept his brown hair cut short, warm hazel eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. He also had been extremely tall, standing around 6’4, average build. Tall men are a huge turn on for her, so naturally she had fantasized many times about him. He had been the sweetest and kindest person anyone could ever wish to meet. Her leaving for college had broke her heart, nearly crushing her vivacious spirit.

The cab would be here shortly to pick her up. She had drove here last night from Cleveland, having made plans to meet with Mr. Samuels today for coffee and lunch. She laughs, looking at the clothes thrown around the room. She had woke up this morning wanting to look great. The only problem was that all her clothes seemed so plain and boring. Thankfully, there was a upscale boutique just down the street from her hotel. The prices about gave her a heart attack but she’d just had to buy the dress she now wore. The soft cotton hugged her ample curves lovingly, showing just how much she had matured and had grown into a sexy, young woman. The vivid color accented her baby blue eyes dramatically. Being that the hue of the dress was an intense blue, her pale complexion fairly glowed. All in all, she looked sexy as hell. She had chosen her heeled black sandals to wear with her new dress, and had carefully twisted her long black hair into a classic french twist. The blaring horn startles her into action. Grabbing her purse, she climbs into the cab. Giving the address to the driver, she sits back and takes in the passing sites.

The butterflies in her stomach flutter violently as the cab pulls to a stop in front of the quaint cafe. She pays the driver and gracefully slides out of the back seat. With a deep cleansing breath, she walks into the cafe, taking a moment to let her eyes adjust to the sudden change in light.

“Rachel? Is that you?” a deep masculine voice calls out to her. She frantically searches for him.

“Mr. Samuels? Where are you?” she nervously chuckles.

Her heart skips a beat and flutters when one of the hottest men she’s ever had the pleasure knowing walks up to her, his beaming smiling driving all coherent thoughts from her head.

“I’m right here, silly girl,” his eyes casually looking her over, narrowing as they pass over her ample breasts. canlı bahis “Or, should I say, beautiful woman.” he murmurs softly.

She smiles shyly, looking him over as well. He had changed drastically. His once short brown hair now hung past his shoulders slightly wavy, and his body was damn near perfect. His height worked wonderfully with this new athletic body.

“Oh my god, Mr. Samuels! You look great!” smiling up at him brightly.

He chuckles, and shrugs, “Aw shucks, Rachel. Call me Todd, please? I feel ancient when I’m called mr. Your making me blush.” he jokes.

Laughing happily, deciding to take a chance. She stands on her toes and wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him warmly. He lightly rests his large hands on the small of her back. She wished that they was naked at this moment. The thought of his muscular body pressed against her softness was almost to much to handle. She steps back, her skin flushed a pleasant shade of pink.

“Rachel, you have really matured into a stunning woman.” his approval very apparent in his tone.

“Thanks, Todd. I’ve really missed you, by the way. When I moved away, my world damn near imploded. I never realized how much you meant to me until you wasn’t there.” her voice cracking with emotion.

His eyes soften, “Rachel, I’m so sorry. But the truth is, I was heart broken myself. I lusted after you so badly. Which I knew was wrong, so I decided it was better if you never knew.” he whispers emotionally.

She stares up at him in complete shock. Automatically pulling him into another soft hug. She rests her head on his chest, breathing in his scent. God, he smelled delicious. “You should have told me, Todd. I wanted you so desperately back then,” she pulls back slightly to look up at his face, “and still do.”

He slowly lowers his mouth to hers. Softly kissing her, the jolts of desire firing rapidly in her brain as his tongue lightly traces her mouth. She deepens the kiss, exploring his mouth and tongue lazily. He moans into her mouth, pulling her body tighter against his. Reluctantly, the kiss slows to a gradual stop.

“Rachel, I want you so damn bad my body is literally aching. I regretfully don’t have enough time right now. Can you stay longer and meet later tonight for dinner?” he quietly pleads.

“Wild horses couldn’t stop me. My body is on fire after that kiss. I’ve never been with anyone, sexually, Todd. Does that bother you?”

A soft growl of approval rumbles in his chest, “Oh god, Rachel. That only makes it so much better, baby. To think, I’m gonna be your first lover, the first man to drive you crazy with desire. That’s enough to make me lose my hold on sanity right now.”

She smiles at him brightly, pulling his head down to bahis siteleri hers, “Kiss me. Before you have to go.”

This kiss was so different. The built up passion of five long years, bursting. They clung to each other, frantic to be closer. When they finally parted, both of them gasped for air desperately.

“I’ll call you later, Hun. Till tonight, I’ll be thinking of you, Rachel.” he whispers before turning away.

Waving bye, she smiles. Walking happily down the street until she flags down a taxi to take her back to her hotel. Todd sends her a text, asking her to meet him at Antonio’s at 7 tonight. Rushing to her room to start to prepare for tonight.


She walks into the restaurant a few minutes early, smiling. She’s proud of the way she looks tonight. She had went back to the boutique, splurging on another dress and a sheer black thong with matching strapless bra. The dress was much sexier, and left little to the imagination. The black silk clung to every curve, held up delicately by two thin straps. The dress stopped daringly at mid thigh, showcasing her shapely legs nicely. Searching the crowd for Todd, smiling when she spots him walking towards her. He was dressed in all black tonight, just as she.

“You look gorgeous tonight, Rachel. I could just eat you up.” his husky whisper sends waves of desire through her.

“Oh, thank you! You look so damn sexy in black. And I think I can arrange a midnight snack for you.” she smiles up at him seductively.

He places her hand on his arm and escorts her to their table. The waiter stops by and shows them the wine list. He chooses for them, also ordering their food.

“I have been dreaming of you all day, Rachel. Those kisses earlier nearly drove me crazy with lust.” he confides.

“I’ve never felt so much passion before then. I have been drunk on lust for you all day.” she smiles, holding his hand on the table.

They talk quietly, sharing their stories of their lives of the past five years, and flirting outrageously through dinner. She’d had a few glasses of wine and was feeling great.

“Did you save room for desert, baby?” her bare foot slipping from her sandal to slide up his leg to rub against the bulge in his pants. “I have something you may enjoy, immensely.

His eyes narrow, he gasps harshly. “Oh god, I need you now! Let’s get out of here.” he grabs her hand, paying the check on the way out.

She hails a cab, directing it back to her hotel. On the ride back, he pulls her close, cuddling with her all the way. She sighs happily, his warmth soothing her. The taxi pulls up to the hotel, and they hurriedly climb out. Making a beeline to the elevator. As soon as the door closes, he starts to kiss her passionately. bahis şirketleri His large hands reach around to squeeze her round ass and to pull her up against his groin. His hard cock pressed against her stomach, vividly letting her know what she was doing to him. He suddenly breaks away, breathing heavily. The doors slide open and they practically run to her room. His hands lovingly cup her big tits from behind, teasing the hardened buds. She tries desperately to open the door but drops the key, bending over to retrieve it which forces her dress to rise, and her ass to rub up against his groin.

“Fuck, Rachel! I can’t wait!” he whispers harshly, his hand undoing his pants.

Suddenly she feels his long fingers pulling her thong to the side, his other hand dips in to tease her dripping pussy. She bites her lip to keep from crying out when he slides two fingers in her cunt, gently but powerfully finger fucking her. Her face is pressed against her door, body trembling as he expertly brings her to the edge of climax. She moans in protest when his fingers pull out all the way, only to be replaced with his mouth. He digs his tongue deep into her cunt, moaning. Sucking her sweet juice hungrily out of her cunt, using his chin to rub her clit. His mouth leaves her suddenly.

“Rachel, baby, I got to be inside you now!” he growls out, guiding the thick bulbous head of his cock to her glistening pussy.

His hands grasp her hips roughly, pushing and working his thick cock slowly into her virgin pussy. When he busts through her cherry, she let’s out a soft whimper.

“Oh Rachel, my sweet baby! This heavenly pussy is mine now, made only for my cock.” his harsh whisper making her shiver in delight.

He begins to move in short, slow thrusts, letting her grow accustomed to the length and girth of his huge cock. He moans and sighs with each thrust into her.

“Todd! Oh god, take me! Fuck me until I can’t take stand!” she cries out, grinding her hips against him.

He grabs her hips, pulling her back to bend her over further. His cock slides even deeper when she moves. With fast, powerful thrusts, he pounds into her wildly. Pulling her hair with one hand, using his thumb on the other to rub her tight little ass hole.

“OH FUCK! I’m CUMMING!” she squeals. Her body shaking uncontrollably as hot creamy cum gushes out around his swollen cock.

“Oh yes, Rachel! Cum for me baby! I’m so close!” he gasps.

Her pussy grips his cock, milking him furiously. He shouts out, “I’m cumming, baby!” as he explodes deep in her cunt. He continues to pump into her repeatedly until his soft cock slips out on its own. He grabs the key card and lifts her into his arms, her arms holding him back lovingly. After entering he lays her down and undresses both of them.

“Rachel, love, did I hurt you?” his voice raw with emotion.

She looks into his warm hazel eyes, smiling. “Not at all, baby. In fact, I believe its time for MY midnight snack.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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