A Life of Service Ch. 03

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With a fireworks show to start the day, we quickly finished the bacon strips before hitting the shower. On our second day, dad wanted us to go for a walk in the forest. Bird spotting, deer stalking, and see some creeks to just enjoy the sight and sounds of nature.

Going out, he made sure to carry a bag with first aid. Wearing a rolled-up blue flannel, boots, and jeans, dad looked like the poster boy (well, poster dad) for a lumberjack. All he needed was a beanie hat and an axe to complete his look.

“Hey, dad?”

“Yeah? Why you lookin’ at me like that?”

“Nothing. Let’s go.”

“You got the sandwiches with you? And the oranges?”


“Alrighty, then. Let’s march!”

He gave a good squeeze of my ass before we walked out the door. We relied mainly on my phone’s GPS to track where we’re going, so after the cabin has been marked, we started our walk.

Dad led the way, since he’s more knowledgeable of the area. He wanted to make sure we stayed in the wilderness, and away from camping areas. I simply trailed behind diligently, ever so careful not to step on anything nasty.

Walking onwards, it was — to me — fascinating how dad expertly managed to navigate his way through. It didn’t look like he was too familiar, but he fit right in. He seemed so adaptable with his surroundings.

“All good back there, son?”


“For a second there I thought you weren’t going to like this kinda thing.”

“Whatever made you think that?”

“Don’t know. I guess having for the majority of my life knowing you as the homebody, I didn’t take you for someone who likes being outside is all.”

I snickered.

“Dad, we went out fishing at a lake yesterday. If I had any issues with nature, you’d have known right then.”

“Yeah, I suppose that’s fair.”

“Where are we going, anyway? Do you have somewhere in mind?”

“You’ll see. Not too far now.”

He really did know where he was going, to my amusement. I found myself occasionally looking up from the forest floor to the man in front of me. Quite the view, I should say.

“You think they would mistake you for a bear around here?”

“If they do, I might as well maul them, serve them up to my baby for lunch.”

Then, he stood still. I looked around in caution, watchful for any signs of danger. Suddenly, he turned around and jumped at me.


He tackled me! I was completely unprepared and immediately knocked down. With his hands on my body and mouth on my neck, he proceeded to give me love bites.

“Like that!”

“Oww! You’re lucky my backpack’s the hard type, so the sandwiches are safe.”

“One of these days I should teach you survival skills. It’s not wise to let a doe loose with the eyes of predators looming over you.”

“I’m not a doe, old man. I can take care of myself.”

“Sure you can.”

He locked my head in a position and rubbed my head.

“Come on, kiddo. We’re burning in daylight.”

He gave me a wink and spanked my ass before walking again. Suddenly, I was turned on. I followed him with more enthusiasm, barely able to wait for our next lovemaking.

After a few more minutes walking, I could hear the sounds of water flowing. With birds high up in the trees chirping, making calls, it felt so nice to be outside of the city for summer. I’ve always been a city kid, but I do know how to appreciate nature.

We came to a clearing, and the source of the water sound became apparent. There was a waterfall. Not at all big, but it’s actually the first time I’ve ever seen one in person.

“C’mere, son! Let’s sit down for a while!”

I hurried and followed my dad. He sat down at a flat rock, and motioned for me to sit next to him. I put my backpack down and observed my surroundings.

I took it all in. The sight, sound, and smell. I completely forgot what it was like working in a burger kitchen. Oh, speaking of which..

“Hey, dad, do you think I should come back to work at Joe’s? You know, now that we’re..”


“We’re umm… you know”

I found myself speechless because I did not know what to say, or if what I want to say will send the wrong message.

“A couple? Is that what you were gonna say?”

“I.. well, I guess, if you put it that way. It’s a bit fast, not that I object, but.. should I? Go back to work at Joe’s, I mean.”

Dad bit his lip and heaved a sigh.

“Geez, you had to bring that up now?”

“Well, we can talk about it later if it’s making you uncomfortable.”

“No use prolonging the uncomfortable. I guess.. not?”

“Oh, yeah, okay. I’ll text Joe when we get back.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

Dad and I are a couple. I definitely don’t mind that. I don’t object to having such a magnificent man, physique and personality-wise all to myself.

I smiled to myself, like a giddy high schooler. I scooted over right next to him, took his hand in mine, and leaned my head on his shoulder. The sounds of nature, and the man with whom I got to enjoy it, it all felt so right.

I looked over to him, and he was smiling güvenilir bahis to himself, too. A strong, beautiful, man who’s all mine. I couldn’t help it, so I leaned my head closer to him and kissed him. The experience was ethereal, like we had the world to ourselves.

The kiss was as sweet and soft as it was deep. He moved his other hand to unbutton his flannel, and my left hand made its way to his crotch. Everything was happening so quickly between us, but it didn’t feel rushed.

With his flannel unbuttoned, he moved to unbutton mine. Our hands let go of each other, and my right hand went to cup his face. I planted it on his left cheek, feeling his beard and my thumb making circles on his temple.

He broke the kiss gently.

“Come on, let’s go behind the trees where only nature will see us.”

I smiled, nodded, and obliged his invitation.

We took our bags with us, and walked a little deeper back into the forest. With the sounds of nature in the background, we put down our bags, and he wasted no time. He pinned me against one of the trees, attacking my mouth with hungry kisses.

I tried my best to return the intensity, but he was an absolute animal! Both his hands moved to my jeans, unbuckling the belt before pulling it down along with my underwear. Wasting no time, he turned me around, so that I was facing the tree.

He put both my hands crossed together above my head, against the tree. He spanked my ass once, twice, both ways. Then, he knelt down to do what I did to him this morning.

“Ohh FUCK! Aahhh!”

His tongue landed on my boy hole, lathering it with his saliva. He — we — didn’t care if anyone accidentally looked our way. We were simply letting nature take its course.

With my hole lubed up enough, he stood up to undo his jeans. Furiously my dad spat on his hands before wetting his tool. Then, just like that, he put himself inside me again.

“AH! Ahh! Oh, dad, fuck!”

“Ohh that’s a good boy. Are you a good boy?”

“Yes, daddy—ah!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Ain’t no place like home.”

He pounded inside me furiously, the friction between my anal tube and his baby maker sent me to a frenzy. I could feel every push, every pull. I could feel his very skin and flesh brushing against mine.

“Dad! Dad! Dad! Ahh! Ahh!”

“Fuckk yeah, that’s a good boy.”

“Yeahhh fuck!”

He maintained his intense pace drilling into me. He’s making me sing a louder song than the birds in the trees! The sounds of our lovemaking, his thighs clapping against my ass cheeks, the rawness of it all was exhilarating!

“Yeahhh. Are you my bitch, yeah?”

“Yes, daddy!”

“Say it! Say you’re my bitch!”

“Agghhh I’m your fucking bitch, daddy!”

“Good boy. Whose good boy are you?”

“I’m your good boy, daddy! Ahh, please! Fuck!”

“I’m close now. Come on boy. Let’s fucking do this.”

“Please, daddy! Please, mark me! Claim me as your own!”

“Good boy. Daddy’s real close now.”

His charges grew even more intense, and with that, he marked his territory inside me once again. Hot, thick ropes of cum were shot inside me. His groans sounded so raw, like it came straight from the belly.

“Fuck, dad, that was so hot. I guess I should just text Joe right now. No way I’m going back to his after that!”

“Not yet, sweetie.”

He pulled right out of me, and spun me around. He knelt down, and now my erect member is right in front of his face. Ever so slowly, he began to kiss my balls from underneath, breathing in the smell of my cock.

With both hands now on my ass cheeks, he pushed me closer to him, and began sucking on my balls. I looked around just in case there were other people, but didn’t much care. We’re putting on a free show, if anything.

“Careful now.”

He smiled at me, moving one hand to stroke my cock, and the other to squeeze gently on my balls. He kissed its mushroom head, occasionally licking the leaking pre-cum. I cocked my head backwards at the sensation of it all.

Slowly, he opened his mouth, and the hand on my balls to my thigh. Making eye contact with me, he put first the mushroom head in his mouth. He let his tongue dance all over it, sending me to a daze, before going further inch by inch.

“Aww, fuck yeah.”

He was unable to put it all the way in, but there was only a few inches left.

“Suck that cock, old man.”

I had to clench my ass tightly, just in case the kids he shot up in me wanted to leak out. I put my hands on his head, encouraging him in the process. I thought it best to let him be in control of the situation with his head and hands.

“Fuck yeah, you’re so good.”

His cum nearly leaked out of my ass, so I had to clench harder. The feeling of it, and the very thought that my old man was fucking me furiously before taking my cock in his mouth, wired my instincts to a peak.

“I can’t hold it much longer. I can’t, I can’t—AHH!”

I shot in his mouth, but he never let go. His head stayed still as I released my load into him, not wasting a single drop. After I came down from the high, türkçe bahis and my cock softened a bit, he licked the piss slit again, just in case. He stood up, smiling at me as we put our pants back on properly.

His beautiful smile was enchanting. He put his hands on my shoulders, pulling me in closely. Suddenly, our moment of magic was interrupted by the distant, though unmistakable sound of a gunshot.

His smile was gone in an instant. He looked around cautiously, and was hyperventilating. As his chest and shoulders rose and fell, beads of sweat began to form on his forehead, and hands.

Could it be, after all these years, he’s having a case of PTSD? Is that why, a few nights back on barbecue, he said it got too hot? The fireworks must’ve triggered him.

I had to approach him carefully, so as not to induce further panic. I walked so cautiously to his way, and he looked at me like I’m a threat. He could attack me at any given moment, so I aimed for his hands.

I took my chances and practically leapt towards him, locking his arms to himself, and embraced him tightly.

“Dad? Dad. Please, come back to me. Come back to now.”

His knees went weak and he couldn’t stand. His hands and pits now profusely sweating, he was on the ground, close to breaking point. I held his body from behind. How it hurt me to see my dad suffer like this without really knowing what to do.

Still on the ground, I knelt to face him. I took his worried face in my hands, begging him to look at me. His eyes appeared so empty.

“Dad? Please. You’re here with me now, you’re okay.”


“Dad? Please. Dad, I love you. I love you so much, dad. Dad, come back to me. Please.”

He shut his eyes tight. I didn’t know what else to do, and feeling weak myself, I closed the distance between us and put our foreheads together. He was still sweating profusely.

I felt so clueless and weak, and I began to cry. As I sobbed, he opened his eyes, and looked much more himself. He looked like the man who came home to comfort his grieving son.

His hands came up to my arms, gripping them tight at first, but became loosened. He removed my hands from his face, and now it was his turn to cup my face. He wiped the tears from me, and gave me a strong kiss.

“C’mon, son. I think it’s best if we go back for now.”

I simply nodded, and we got up together. We took our backpacks, and I took out my phone to help us navigate. We walked back to the cabin in silence. Not even the sounds of nature proved to be much comfort.

Dad was lying on the couch, TV on playing a show he didn’t care to watch. He was finishing both sandwiches I packed for earlier. In the kitchen, as I was making dinner, my mind raced to how better I can help him should we find ourselves in that situation again next time.

I texted Joe about not wanting to work at his joint, to which he replied that it won’t be a problem. He said that he met a great candidate from Oaxaca, whom he had “taken for a test drive”. Without having to work outside the house, I thought from now on I should focus on my home life with my dad.

There was still plenty of leftover fish from yesterday’s catch, so I thought I’d grill some for dinner. I got creative with the bread and grilled those, too, for a crispy texture. It was my resolve that when we’re back home, I had to serve him his favourite dish, beef stroganoff.

“Dinner’s ready.”

I plated the fish and the lightly toasted bread, and brought it to the living area so we could eat there. I handed his dish over to him, and we sat pretty much in silence except for the white noise from the TV. It didn’t at all feel comforting.

Suddenly, dad put his fork and plate down on the coffee table.

“Look, son.. I’m sorry you had to see it happen.”

“What? Why would you be?”

“I should’ve been able to handle it myself. I.. sorta had to, on that night of Memorial Day, after the fireworks.”

That confirmed my suspicions.

“I thought after all these years of being home, it won’t be a problem anymore. But they still do come around every now and then.”

I put my plate down, and scooted over to him to give him a hug.

“It’s fine, dad. You’re my dad, I’m your son. And we’re.. dating now. We’re boyfriends, too. We’re meant to take care of each other.”

He smiled to himself.

“I don’t know if I’d make such a good boyfriend if I could allow myself to be so weak for you.”

“No, that’s not right. Look, these things happen and they’re out of your control. So what? I still love you. As your son, and your lover. I want to help you get through this.”

He wasn’t so sure of himself, he didn’t even look at me.

“Sweetheart, look at me.”

“You know you don’t have to baby me in this situation. I’m your dad, I should be the one taking care of you.”

“And you’ve done a fantastic job. You came home when I needed you most, and you’ve always been there for me ever since. But in this… relationship we’ve only just started sharing, we need to be there for each other.”

Then he looked at me.

“Let me güvenilir bahis siteleri return the favour. It doesn’t have to be a one-way street. I’m old and wise enough to take care of you, too, now. It’s okay. We’ll be okay.”

He simply exhaled.

“Yeah, I sure hope so.”

He said it with a smile, and he went straight back to dinner. The rest of the dinner was enjoyed in silence again. I handed my dish to him so he could wash it, and I tried to pan my attention to the TV.

I couldn’t for the life of me understand what this program is about, aliens here, ancient artifacts there… it made no sense to me. I could hear the sounds of the cutlery, cookware, and plates clanking as dad was washing them. When the water stopped, he turned to me.

“Hey uhh, son? Why don’t we go back to the waterfall from earlier? You down for that?”

“Sure. I’ll go fetch the flashlights.”

With a smile on my face and a spring in my step, I searched the bedroom for the 2 flashlights we carried. He got into the bedroom and changed to the Lumberjack-esque attire he had on earlier. I too got changed, and as soon as we got our backpacks on, we took off.

The sound of the waterfall at night was accompanied not by birds chirping, but owls hooting, and crickets all around. As we put our backpacks down by the same rock from earlier, dad took out 2 towels from his bag. He began unbuckling his belt, too, before taking off his socks & shoes.

“Come on, son. We’re going skinny dipping.”

I grinned, and gladly obliged. We got into the water together, thankfully the creek floor wasn’t comprised of sharp rocks or gravel. The water was waist deep for him, slightly over for me.

“There won’t be any leeches or snakes here, won’t there?”

Dad simply laughed it off.

“Come on, city boy. Follow your pops.”

Though I was glad dad was able to laugh again, I wasn’t too delighted about the topic about which he laughed. Of course if he had any bad experiences here he would’ve told me about it, so it felt safe. I followed him, and we ended up behind the waterfall. Hidden from the world, though only behind a curtain of water.

How the moonlight was reflected from the water onto his face and his body was almost poetic. He came to me, and picked me up by my thighs, before pinning me against the rock wall and kissing me ever so gently. There was no air of caution, like earlier in the cabin. There was only heartfelt emotion.

I submitted myself to him, body and soul. My hands were crossed behind his head, we locked ourselves into each other. We were father and son, lovers underneath the moonlight.

I could feel him getting an erection, and my cock, too, began to harden.

The height of the water made it difficult for us to fuck, but we decided to try anyway. I bent my butt slightly upwards at an angle to welcome his cock. Lubrication would be hard, too, because of the water. He adjusted his chicken, and surprisingly, it successfully made its way into me.

The obstacles made it hard for me to fully receive his 7-incher, but it was still enough for a good fuck. Perfectly satisfied with himself, he smiled at me and we kissed yet again. But only briefly, he paused our kiss again.

He made a face that I couldn’t read, but all of a sudden, I felt some heat in my hole. Then, his face turned to relieve as he cocked it back. He was relieving himself inside of me!

I locked him tighter with my arms and legs. Now I’ve been territorially marked like animals do, by my own bulky bear, no less. This level of trust, and self-devotion I thought, was lovely.

“Dad, are you pissing inside of me?”

“Yeah, son.”

“Mmmnn. I love you so much. I love being tagged by my own papa bear.”

I gave him a kiss, which he returned with haste.

“Ahh. Ahh yeah. That felt good. And I. Love. You” he said in between kisses.

After he was done emptying his bladder, he began pumping out his cum.

“Ahh. Ahh. Fuck, dad, you’re so hot!”

He shut me up with a kiss, and our moans and groans were mumbled between our lips. Everything was so perfect. The pace, the tenderness, our surroundings, and how passionate we were with each other.

I started moaning harder when I could feel him rubbing against my prostate. His lips let go of mine, and made its way to my neck to give me love bites. More than that, he was forming a suction cup with it, giving me hickeys and bite marks.

“Agh! Dad! Fuck! Dad! Agh!”

It was like a symphony, how everything felt connected, how it worked with each other. If we were a violin, my anal tube would be the strings, and his penis would be the bow. We made beautiful music that night.

“Dad! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m so close!”

Everything was too much, and I couldn’t hold it any longer. With only the slightest rub against his stomach, I shot my load all over it and his chest, some up to his neck.

After I came, he broke away his jaws from my neck, and looked at me with deep intensity. He looked me in my eyes with a soul-piercing gaze. With several thrusts, he shot his cum inside me, mixing it with his piss.

As he did, he kissed me so deeply, mumbling his moans. We continued to make out some more, so deeply intertwined with each other. When he pulled his jackhammer out, the piss and the cum came right out of me.

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