A Late Night Merger

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I’m in bed around 10:30 and can sense that the phone would ring. I knew it would be you. You ask what I was doing and we’d chat for a while. You tell me that you just shaved your legs and ask if I’d like to come over, you’ll wrap them around me and show me how smooth they were.

Usually, my response is that it’s too late and I need to get up early the next morning to study. However, you are persistent. You tell me that you are so wet and ask if I am hard. You know that I would be. I’m always hard when I see or hear from you.

You offer to take me into your mouth, and I realize that the only way I’ll get any sleep is to go see you. I’m wide awake and I have the “urge to merge”. I inform you that I’ll be there in 15 minutes. You open the door wearing a smile, a beige colored nightie and a pair of while cotton panties.

I step inside and lock the door. I turn and you step into my arms, your arms around my neck. Instinctively, my hands go to your hips, pulling you close, allowing you to feel my excitement. We kiss, enthusiastically.

I grab the hem of your nightie and lift it over your head, dropping it to the floor. Again, we embrace and kiss. I hold you tightly, your breasts spread across my chest. You grind your hips into my erection. I pat your bottom and tell you to lie on the floor.

Standing at your feet as I undress, I watch you, smiling, watching me. I kneel between your feet and take an ankle in each hand, raising them to my shoulders. You raise your hips when I ask, and I remove your panties, tossing them aside.

I put your feet back on the floor, put my hands on your knees and spread your thighs wide, and sit there gazing at you, running my fingers up and down your silky thighs. Your light brown hair is cut short.

Your beautiful body güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri is well tanned, except for the white band across your chest and the triangle from the top of your hips down to your crotch. Your fur is thick but neatly trimmed for your bikini. You put your arms around my neck as I crawl over you and lie down, my cock coming to rest in your slit.

We kiss passionately until I raise my hips and let the head of my cock fall down to your open slit. With my left arm around your shoulder and neck and my right arm around your lovely waist, I lean into you, forcefully. You inhale deeply and arch your back, thrusting your breasts against my chest, as my cock violates you.

You remain that way until you have completely received my cock and then collapse back on to the floor. I kiss you again and remark, “You’re right. You are wet”. You respond, “I told you so”. I lie there over you, grinding my hips into yours.

Your feet are flat on the floor and I can feel your hips rising to meet my cock. You begin rocking your hips back and forth along my shaft, trying to tease the cum from me. My balls begin to tingle and I feel myself going over the edge.

I raise my hips, slip out of you, and kiss my way down to your breasts. I linger there, taking one in each hand, and play with them, kissing, licking, caressing and sucking each until your nipples are tight and hard.

You’re breathing heavily and I can feel your crotch rubbing against my stomach. As I trail my kisses over your stomach to your bush, you spread your thighs wide for me. The mound of fur above your crotch is dry and fluffy. The strips of fur lining your slit are damp and matted with your juices.

I wrap my hands around your thighs and bury my face in your crotch. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I love the smell of your musk! Your thighs are very warm. You trimble as I brush my lips across your clit. I then run the tip of my tongue up one lip and down the other, before slipping it into your pussy.

You moan with pleasure and wrap your thighs around my head, tightly. I can also feel your hands on the back of my head, pushing my face into your feverish crotch. Your breathing becomes more intense and louder as your body becomes rigid.

I feel your clit begin to swell. Finally, you inhale deeply, groan, thrust your hips into my face and your body shudders as your orgasm washes over you. With your thighs still wrapped around my head, my tongue gently teases your button, sending quivers through your body with each touch.

You relax your thighs and push my head away. I continue to tease your clit and you dig your heels into the carpet and try to push yourself away from me. I raise up, still holding your thighs, and pull you back to me. “Where do you think you’re going?” I ask as I lay over you?

Again, my left arm goes around your neck and shoulder, while my right arm encircles your waist. I raise my hips, letting my cock fall to your slit, and I gaze into your eyes to watch your reaction as I thrust my cock into very tight and very wet pussy.

Again, you moan, inhale deeply, and thrust your breasts against my chest as you receive my cock. We lie there, grinding our hips into each other. I can smell the scent of sex in the room. I love the slurping sound your pussy makes as my cock slips in and out of you.

Once again, you rock your hips back and forth along my shaft and the pleasure is too great. I feel my balls begin to tingle. I stop güvenilir bahis şirketleri to gain my composure but you continue stroking. I feel myself going over the edge and begin thrusting, each thrust more urgent than the last.

You wrap your thighs around my waist and lock your ankles behind my back to better receive my thrusts. Your breaths come in short gasps and your breasts dance on your chest as my hips slam into yours. I feel myself go past the point-of-no-return and try to prolong the pleasure, but to no avail.

With one final urgent thrust, I tighten my embrace, bury my cock inside you and let go. Your arms and legs tighten around me as you feel my cock begin to throb inside you, shooting steams of warm sticky semen into your eagerly awaiting and highly receptive pussy.

Once I regain my composure, I look down at you and see you smiling at me. You’re well pleased with the power and control you have over me. I kiss you passionately and thank you for the pleasure I’m enjoying. You respond, “You’re welcome”.

You take your feet from my back, put them on the floor, and resume stroking my shaft with your pussy. The smile on my face is evidence of the pleasure you’re giving me. Your pussy slurps loudly as my throughly satisfied cock slips in and out of you.

The throbbing subsides and my cock begins to soften. I raise up and both of us watch as my cock, glistening with semen, slips from your hot, wet pussy. I sit back on my heels with my hands on your knees and look down at you.

You lie there, with your hands under your head, smiling up at me. You’re breathing normally, but your breasts are still flushed. You can’t imagine how much the sight or thought of you excites me! I run the backs of my fingers up and down the insides of your thighs and gaze at your crotch.

Your fur is soaked with semen and your labia glisten with it. The cheeks of your ass also shine and there is a thin white stream dripping from your slit. I knew that I had enjoyed you, but I didn’t realize how much. I look back at you and you ask, “Now, aren’t you glad you came over”?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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