A Hard Day’s Night

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I close my eyes but can still smell his scent. I feel his large strong hands massaging my lower back. His lips slowly move down the back of my neck, stopping every so often to drag his tongue across my spine.

Time to backtrack a bit. I’m a very happily married man in my early thirty’s. Our sex life is something that I never dreamed of. My wife of 10 years just gets better looking by the day. She’s a petite goddess standing all of 5’4” with an ample c-cup.

Myself, I’m only 5’7” but still manage to turn a lot of ladies eyes. I’m very athletic and manage to stay in pretty good shape.

I arrived home late form work the other night. I opened the door and walked in on my wife with her vibrator shoved way up and squealing from ecstasy. She had put a porn on the TV and seamed to be having a great time. The whole sight made me pretty horny but I was still covered in grease from work so I excused myself and headed for the shower.

As I washed all I could think of was my hot little wife fucking herself with that hot pink plastic dick. I looked down to find myself fully erect. I quickly finished showering and hurried back to find her

She was right ware I left her. Now she was just laying back still watching her porno with her pink toy resting against he swollen clit. I snuggled in front of her on the couch hoping she was still horny, as I had become.

I turned to face the TV to find her movie seamed to be lacking any woman. We watched for a bit as she began to stroke my manhood. To my surprise two man started making out, this is a gay porn I thought to myself, but man was she ever getting off on it so I played it cool and said nothing.

To my surprise I got ever harder watching two men go at it, and my wife seemed to realize it. Her strokes got harder and faster. The men in the movie started to fuck, and watching the one stretch the others asshole was enough to put me over the edge. I blew the biggest load all over the couch. This seamed to get the wife hotter then ever, knowing that watching her secret movie got me off more powerfully than I have in years.

She waited a wile with out saying a word, still playing with my still hard cock. This seamed to make her crazier as I never lost my erection. Yet we still laid there watching these strong men going at it on TV.

I could still hear her love toy buzzing away and could fell her body starting to tense. Her orgasm shock the hole couch witch put a huge smile on my face.

We lay there both horny as hell. She started to massage my bum and ask me if I like her naughty movie. I said I did and she started to tell me that it had been her fantasy to watch me with another man. I said I enjoyed her movie but just wasn’t sure if I wanted to have sex with another man. Just then I felt the familiar vibrating of her toy snaking its way down my back.

I squirmed a she started to pinch my nipples. She knows this will drive me wild, and it seemed to distract me from her fake dick witch she had manage to work down between my cheeks. I could feel her love juices all over it as she began sliding it back and forth from my ball to my asshole.

She methodically waited till two guys on TV started getting heavy. Then as I watched as the one guy placed the head of his dick on the others tight bunghole, my wife placed her stiff toy on my virgin hole. Slowly as if she was pacing the guys on the TV. I bahis firmaları felt my ass stretch as she began entering me. Once she was in she stopped and waited till I relaxed. She slowly began pushing and pull that love toy and I began to buck and squeal. I was really starting to enjoy the feeling of my backside being violated.

My wife climbed in front of me and proceeded to straddle my hard cock. This made it a little awkward for her to continue jabbing me but still she did her best. It really didn’t matter much to me for when I felt the pure wetness of her pussy I quickly started to drive it home for all I was worth. She must have sensed that I was getting pretty close and she began picking up her pace on my ass. My body tensed and I lost my mind as I blew the biggest load of my life deep in my wife’s pussy.

For weeks after she keep asking if I would do a three way with another man and make her fantasy come true.

One evening after working late I decided to stop by my favorite watering hole for a few brews. It was typically busy so I sat up at the bar. From the bar I new I would have the best view. There were a lot of hot babes in the bar this night, and I guess there were a lot of hot boyfriends. Before I knew it a gorgeous hunk of a man sat down be side me and started to strike up a conversation

He introduced himself as john and ordered a beer. He was in his early thirty, with shoulder length hair. The most captivating blue eyes. I could see that john keep himself in great shape, with a six-pack stomach.

At first it seamed innocent enough but the more we talked the more we drank. I relaxed at the sight of his wedding ring, and continued to scope out the babes. We talked and pointed out hotties, all the wile my eyes kept coming back to his. We were starting to get quite tipsy by now, and we started talking about our sex lives.

He told me that he and his wife had a great sex life but it lacked something. I was getting turned on by our conversation, as the bulge in my pants was starting to show. John asked me about my sex life and I started to blush like a school kid.

I started by ordering another round and two shots of tequila. I talked about how sexy my wife was and even brought out her picture. He said she looked like a model and told me how lucky I was. I told john that she had always wanted to try a three way. This seamed to peek his interest, I could tell by the budge in his jeans.

I told john to order one more beer whale I go to make a phone call. My wife was home and I told her that I was bringing home a friend from the bar. She said she was just lying on the couch in her purple teddy and didn’t really want to go get dressed. She told me just to get rid of him. I could hear the buzzing in the back ground and asked if she was watching her secret movie? She just moaned and I new she was.

I raced back to where john was sitting. He was already half done his beer so I chugged mine to catch up. I paid our tab and finished my beer. John was quickly behind me as we made are way out of the bar. We haled a cab and got in. as we drove home I told john that my wife has a thing for watching two guys. He admitted to having gay experiences in collage but hadn’t gone that way since getting married. I noticed he was trying to hide his now hardening dick and laughed.

The point that john had gotten a hard on when I mentioned my kaçak iddaa wife like gay men gave the confidence to move my hand on to his thigh. His eyes went from my hand to my groin to my eyes. I admit I was nervous as hell to be touching another man for the first time. But he reached out and drew me near for a long passionate kiss.

Our tongues explored each other mouth. We were lost in the moment when the cabby turn to say we were here. We jump out and I paid the cab. As the cab was backing out john grabbed me and we resumed are kiss. When we finally broke and turn towards the house we saw her. She had herd the cab door close and came to the door to let me in. her mouth was curled into a wicked little smile and her hands were jammed into her panties. She had watched the whole thing.

She open the door and invited us in. she told us to relax on the couch and she would fix us a drink. It was no surprise that she still had her gay porn movie going and her vibrator still lay on the couch beside us. John turned to me and said that the picture of my wife didn’t do her justice. He slid over beside me and grabbed the dong. Waving it in my face he asked me if I had ever experienced the pleasures of another mans cock. I told him that what he was holding was as far as I had ever got.

That must have been all that john needed to make his move. Our lips locked in an erotic kiss and I felt his hands start to explore my body. He moved his hand from my neck down across my chest to my stomach. He undid the top button on my jeans and slid down the sipper. To my surprise his hand returned to my chest and gently started kneading my nipples. This drove my wild with excitement and he sensed it. He broke our kiss and started moving south, soon his hand was replaced by his mouth. He must have been a pro for the way he sucked my nipples caused the head of my cock to jump out of my boxers.

As he was having his way with me, I paused to open my eyes. To my shock three beers were there on the coffee table. I had forgotten about my wife. She was sitting across the room in the easy chair. Her hands were moving at a furious pace, one thrusting in and out of her cunt, the other massaging her ever so swollen clit. She just smiled and brought a finger to he lips signaling for me to keep silent.

John slowly began to kiss his way down to the top of my jeans. I lifted my hips as he slipped off my jeans and boxers in one pull. John made no hesitations and engulfed the head of my cock. Slowly bobbing up and down. Now my wife decided to make her presence known. She moved to the floor beside john to help with raging hard on. The two of them work together like a well-practiced team. This was just too much and my body stiffened as I blew my first load deep into johns throat. I

I lay there for a few moments and when I opened my eyes my wife and john were locked in there own kiss. I moved off the couch so john could lye back. My wife quickly dropped to his hard 8-inch cock and began giving john the blowjob of a lifetime. I slid under my wife’s crotch. She was dripping wet which made it easy to bring her to bring her too her first orgasms. But I wasn’t happy with her going off so fast so I continued to lap away as she was totally getting in to giving john his best blow job. She could feel john getting close and called me up from her clit.

She ordered me to finish john while she would watch. kaçak bahis She slid over on the couch and grabbed her vibrator. Tacking john cock in my mouth was a lot more natural feeling then I thought it would be. It was warm and huge but it felt wonderful in mouth. I quickly picked up a good rhythm and thought of the things that I liked in a good blowjob. I encircle the head of his cock with my tongue, which cause john to twitch. That was my queue to bear down as I new he must be close. Within seconds I felt john go rigid and new my reward was Cumming. Jet after jet of johns cum hit the back of my mouth. I did all I could do to swallow as much as I could but it still oozed down my chin.

The sight of all this was enough to cause my wife to start screaming and plunging her fake cock deep into her cunt as her orgasm over tuck her. I quickly pulled her on to the floor, on her hands and knees. My cock was ready to give her a better pounding than that fake dick ever could.

I entered her dripping pussy from the rear and with one quick thrust was balls deep. She quivered as I bottomed out. I gave her a few seconds to adjust before starting into a steady rhythm. It didn’t take long before john became eager to join in again.

John arose from the couch and stood to my side. He grabbed a handful of my hair and turned my head. I opened my eyes to see johns cock 2-inches from my face. I needed no invitation and tuck johns cock into my mouth. It was wonderful to be blowing john and fucking my wife at the same time.

John pulled his cock from my mouth and move to kneel behind me. He started by kissing the back of my neck, which caused me to stop pounding my wife. I was frozen by the way his hand played with my nipple. The next thing I felt was john’s hard cock pushing against my asshole. My wife moaned at the sight and told me to relax. John pushed with a gentle force and I felt my ass stretch. I almost blew my load when I felt the head of his cock slide through. I began humping my wife again in small slow stokes, john remained still. Every time I pushed into my wife I felt johns cock slide out till just his head remained inside. When I pulled back his cock went balls deep.

To my surprise I got a pretty quick motion going and knew I could I would not be able to hold out long. My wife must have sensed this a laid flat on the floor. Her hands reached back and pulled me on to her so that I could not move. This slowed my urge to blow my load. John began withdrawing and reentering me in a teasing way. This drove me crazy and made my wife laugh.

She withdrew from under us so that she could get a better view. She relaxed on the couch and quickly began stroking her pussy. John was picking up his pace, driving harder with each thrust. I no longer felt any pain, just pure pleasure.

The beads of sweet rolled down johns face and fell from his chin on to the small of my back. His breathing quickened and his moans became louder. It sounded like a symphony between him, my wife and my self. John started to shake and stiffen. I knew he was about to cum. Never missing a stride john emptied a huge load deep into my ass. This was enough to cause my wife to have yet another orgasm

The three of us fell in to a heap on the floor. To my surprise I awoke a few hours later, we were all still lying on the floor. The three of us were all curled up together. I remember smiling and thinking that life couldn’t get much better.

I awoke first in the morning and made everybody breakfast.

Since that evening john has become on of are closet friends. And we replay that night every month.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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