A Friendly Game of Tennis

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“Wendy, come over to my place for a drink?” The slender Asian woman batted her eyelashes, ironically, as she posed the invitation to her friend.

“Lily, that sounds great,” Wendy replied, nodding her head. In the middle of putting the last of the tennis balls into her sports bag, the Italian girl tried not to read anything in to Lily’s strange mood. The two college girls chatted amicably as they dressed after tennis practice, friendly after fighting fiercely on the court. Lily, the slender Asian woman, was a senior in her last year of college. Odds were decent she might turn pro after university. Wendy, the buxom dark skinned Italian woman, was also in her last year of college but turning pro was not an option for her. While her tennis skills were great, her passion was advanced math and wall street was her ultimate destination. Each wore a loose pony tail, black hair pulled back, with a short white mini skirt and tight sports bra underneath almost matching light blue athletic shirts.

Lily smiled, flashing her dimples. Despite her infrequently flirting with her tennis partner, the slender Asian woman was a self proclaimed straight laced girl. Wendy had been open about her sexual preferences from the beginning, that she was interested in beautiful people, no matter their skin tone, weight or even gender. In her head, Lily had always suspected that Wendy claimed she was interested in anybody for their inner self was just her spiel to seem less discriminatory. The truth was, in their three years of mutual friendship, neither had a steady boyfriend. Lily had always given the too busy line, saying that while she met cute guys all the time, none was right for her and they all seemed only interested in, “Banging the hot asian girl.”

Sun shining, it was a warm spring day outside while the two young women grabbed their bags and headed into the gym to shower down. From the back, the two women looked remarkably alike, slim, toned physiques toped with long, sweaty black hair. Their olive skin tone was also of an even shade, despite their heritage being nearly worlds apart.

Wendy stripped next to her locker and walked over to the shower, naked, trying to hurry so she wouldn’t have to spend too much time in the showers near Lily. More than once, Wendy had admired her friend’s physique, so close to her own. As the hot water started to spray her off, she felt herself grew hot and closed her eyes, running her hands through her hair and the starting to soap down. Lily entered the shower, a large, square open area, where Wendy was the only other student inside. It was a Saturday, so anybody practicing was either dedicated, ambitious or had no social life. Lily shook her head, wondering if she practiced so much because she had no social life, or because she was overly ambitious.

Starting her own shower, she looked over at her best friend, Wendy. Admiring the woman’s hot, soapy curves sent a shiver down her spine as she wondered, not for the first time, if she would finally have the courage to share her feelings. Despite her insistence, Lily had wanted the hot, Italian girl since they first met a few years ago in a way that left her overheated, confused and extremely frustrated. The shower was another kind of torture for her, Wendy made a point of looking the other way, facing the wall and soaping down her every smooth, tanned inch. As Lily felt the first shocking spray of water, she shivered, the temptation to touch herself overwhelming her senses. After shampoo, Lily took her time with the body wash, rubbing her firm, tight breasts in slow circles. A soft gasp escaped her lips and her knees almost buckled as she watched Wendy’s perfectly sculpted ass drip water only a few feet away. While staring at Wendy’s finely sculpted buttocks, Lily slid her hand down to her freshly shaved pubic mound, almost sliding a finger in between her thighs before she regained her self control. Lily shook her head to clear it and focus on rinsing off.

Leaning back to rinse off, Lily did not see her friend turn around, smiling broadly. Wendy admired her friend’s firm breasts and sighed, luxuriating in the hot water coursing down around her body, wondering if she would ever be able to taste her friend’s delicious looking nipples. Shuddering from exhaustion, lust and anticipation, Wendy bit her lip and spread her legs, standing with her feet shoulder width apart under the hot spray. While Lily was lost in rinsing off her shampoo and body wash, Wendy idly slid her finger between her thighs, loving the smooth, slick sensation of her completely shaved lips. Knowing her friend would finish soon, Wendy fingered herself only momentarily before becoming frustrated, turning off the water and storming out of the shower.

Despite her hurried soap, shampoo and rinse routine, Lily still exited the shower a minute after Wendy. The woman was standing naked next to her locker, applying some lotion to her long, smooth legs. Lily always thought Wendy had a model’s profile, at least in the face. canlı bahis Wendy could easily be mistaken for a magazine cover girl, until you noticed her height. At five and a half feet tall, Wendy was too short to make it, even though she’d tried for a few years. Lily noticed with her leg on the bench, Wendy’s thighs were parted, showing her pink lips. Blushing, Lily stared at Wendy’s pussy for a moment, fantasizing as she licked her lips. Looking away hurriedly, Lily opened her locker and started to vigorously towel down, trying to think of something to say with no success. She was hoping that Wendy had not taken the drink invitation, which was not the first time, as something out of the norm. Drifting off while clutching the towel, Lily did not notice the appraising look Wendy gave her smooth, firm butt while standing in front of her locker.

Wendy could tell her friend was acting a bit off but did not know why. Lily knew that Wendy had enjoyed looking at her naked body and usually, showed no signs of preening or posing. That day, the wanna be model could tell her hot, Asian friend was feeling horny. Jeans and t-shirt on, Wendy slipped on her calf high black leather boots and threw her purse over her shoulder. Dressed and ready, the two women left the gym and walked back to their cars.

Lily’s apartment was just a few block away from the tennis courts. Wendy had been there before and always felt comfortable, the furnishings tasteful and delicate. Lily had kicked off her boots on entering, and Wendy did the same. “White or red?”

“Red, thanks,” Wendy replied, following her friend to the kitchen, admiring her ass swish in her tight jeans. Wendy had been feeling horny since the shower, and rubbed up against the kitchen island subconsciously.

“Here you go,” Lily smiled, handing a glass filled a finger’s breadth from the brim with zinfandel. “Cheers,” she said, smiling and showing off her dimples. Her t-shirt was tight black, covering her lacy under bra seamlessly.

“Cheers,” Wendy murmured, her eyes sliding to Lily’s tits as she tossed back a large swallow of wine. She could not be sure, but it looked as if Lily’s nipples were starting to perk up. The way her cheeks flushed, Wendy wanted to hump more than the kitchen island right then and there, staring at her friend’s tits.

Dimples flashing, Lily drained a second gulp of her glass and set it down, two thirds empty. Wendy’s eyes widened at that, drinking as large a swallow and setting her glass down, imaging jumping on her friend right then and there. Licking her lips, Lily could feel the anticipation in her friend, watching her practically hump the kitchen island, trying to appear casual, completely unaware how much she was showing her desire. The corner was stuffed inside the Italian girl’s crotch, so far inside it could have popped her cherry, if she still had one. She felt her face flush and her nipples finally start to rise as she watched her friend’s hips slowly moving back and forth.

“Wendy, are you excited?” Lily asked, face slightly flushed from more than wine.

Horny and suddenly nervous, Wendy’s hips froze as she stared at Lily, wanting to ravish her friend but suddenly worried she had misinterpreted the interest, based on her own mounting lust. “You know I am,” Wendy said, tossing her hair back slightly to uncover more of her cleavage and show off her bulging nipples. “Are you just trying to tease me, Lil?” Wendy pouted, her model beautiful face frowning prettily.

Lily’s heart wanted to melt as her fingers itched to stroke her friend’s face. The last thing she wanted to do was string her along but having fantasized about turning the tables on her while experimenting still made her heart race.

Clearing her throat, the Asian girl said sincerely, “Wendy, we’ve been friend forever. I know what you want,” smiling, Lily made the grin as lewd as she could. Lily swished her hips slightly when she said it, the tight jeans rubbing together as her legs crossed. “I want to give it to you on my terms, Wendy. Do you trust me?”

Throat dry, Wendy could not believe what her friend was saying. The wine was already starting to make her head swim a little as everything got slightly fuzzy. “Lily, please don’t tease me like this.” Despite her denial, Wendy continued to grind against the kitchen counter, only now one hand was straying south, seemingly of it’s own volition. Fingers almost to her center, Wendy stopped grinding, “I’m sorry, I’m just so frustrated.” Wendy said, smiling. Chest heaving, she forced herself to remain calm and moved back off the kitchen counter. She grabbed her wine glass and took a long swallow, nearly emptying the glass.

“Wait here,” Lily said, swallowing hard. Despite Wendy’s obvious desire, Lily had no idea if the woman would still be excited once she returned from her bedroom with the surprise. “Don’t move, don’t turn around. Please?” Lily’s chest felt as if it would explode until Wendy nodded, her right hand now sliding along the inseam of her bahis siteleri jeans. Tearing her eyes away from Wendy’s salacious movements, Lily disappeared into her bedroom before her nerves left.

Wendy was left grinding herself to pleasure in the kitchen, slowly sliding her fingers in between the tight cheeks of her ass. Just a little pressure and she could feel her fingertips touching her sensitive, wet slit through the canvas. The front of the counter was feeling amazing as she slowly rubbed her clit against it, face flushed. Losing track of her friend, Wendy brought her other hand to her chest and started to pinch her nipples, head swimming in her own ecstasy. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought Lily would come around. Slightly drunk, Wendy reached out and poured her glass full, desperate for something to take her mind off her tingling, sexy anticipation.

In her room, Lily wasted no time, crawling under her bed to fetch a box she had ordered off the internet just a week before. Ever since then, she had used it daily, getting off like a mad woman. Despite her insistence she was straight, the truth was, she had started to wonder how it would feel to finally give in to Wendy’s flirting. The toy in the box was equipped with a harness and some straps, which she set on the bed as she stripped naked. For a brief moment, she considered just showing Wendy the box, however, a naughty thought occurred to her. Naked, she fastened the toy to her hips, the sensation curious, heavier than she imagined and slightly awkward.

Tilting her head back to take a long sip of her wine, Wendy heard the soft footsteps announcing her friend’s return. Wendy took her time, draining the glass in several gulps, before licking the rim with her ruby red lips.

“Back so soon?” Wendy asked, not looking around as she set the glass down. “What’s the big surprise,” Wendy started, her head swiveling. Lily moved fast, grabbing her friend’s head and forcing her to look straight ahead.

“Don’t look,” Lily said, holding her friends head firmly. “Please?” Lily practically held her breath until she felt her friend nod. Gulping, Lily pressed the tip of the strap-on dildo she was wearing into the crack of Wendy’s jeans. The weight felt weird, forcing her to use her hip muscles more to make the fake cock slide in between the spread legs of her best friend. “Can I fuck you, Wendy?” Lily asked, forcing her tone to as nonchalant as she could make it, while standing naked with a strap-on dildo belted to her slim waist.

Pausing her undulating motions on the kitchen island, Wendy felt the thick phallus slid between her thighs and rub teasingly against her jeans. Hardly believing what she was feeling, Wendy tried to think clearly. She wanted Lily and would do anything to get a taste of her sweet, delicious pussy. Sliding her hips backwards, Wendy could feel the fake cock reach the front of her pants, bouncing into the counter. Leaning forward, Wendy ground her hips into Lily and then dropped down on her knees. As she knelt, Wendy stared at her friend, butt naked except for the strap-on. Surprised, she gasped, loving the sight of the gorgeous asian woman’s breasts, her nipples a perky, light brown color. Despite years of fantasizing, the sight of her friend standing there, face flushed, dark brown eyes filled with lust, Wendy felt as if a dream had come true. Lily’s stomach was completely solid, as she breathed deeply, her abs showed clean lines of muscle, something Wendy had always found sexy as hell. Kneeling, with one hand she grabbed the dildo brought it to her mouth, while staring into Lily’s eyes. Unable to read the swirl of emotions there, Wendy opened her mouth teasingly, sticking her tongue out to flick the tip of the fake cock. Such a toy was a massive surprise for Wendy, and despite her desire, she wanted to tease her friend before finally getting her into bed.

Mouth wide, Wendy started to swallow the dildo whole, burying it into her mouth almost to the base. Nearly gagging, Wendy reached up to grab her friend’s tight, firm ass, holding on as she moved her mouth back and forth, giving the strap-on a blow-job like a woman in a porno. Clutching Lily’s tanned, creamy ass with both hands, Wendy felt her excitement swell beyond anything she had felt before. Lily groaned, feeling the base of the dildo push back into her clit, stimulating her. Grabbing Wendy’s hair, Lily could barely remain standing, lustfully watching her friend give head to the thick, sexy toy.

“Let me fuck you,” Lily repeated, watching her friend deep throat the cream colored phallus. Hands wrapped in the raven colored locks of her friend, Lily gently but firmly pulled Wendy’s head back, her own desire overwhelming her mind. Wendy stopped sucking, withdrawing her mouth until only her tongue swabbed the tip of the strap-on. Her ruby red lips looked so sexy to Lily, parted to reveal her tongue swirling around the fake cock head. Releasing her friend’s lustrous hair, she felt as if she would cum by watching alone. bahis şirketleri Wendy stood, grinning, and stripped to the waist. Her thighs were wet, tiny lines of her juices had flowed down her thighs. With a wink, she turned and bent over in front of Lily.

“Make me cum,” Wendy growled, reaching between her legs to beckon the strap-on dildo. Stunned at how fast things were moving, Lily grabbed a breast to squeeze it, the pain reminding her she was not dreaming. Her best friend stood there, bent over the kitchen counter, perfectly tanned, toned ass cheeks spread wide. Head spinning, Lily stepped forward, staring at the slick lips of her friend’s swollen, juicy pussy. With one hand, Wendy guided the cock to her entrance and started to slid it up and down. Once the dildo had been soaked in her fluids, Wendy positioned the prick at her sensitive entrance and paused, working her labia around the prick. “Oh, yes,” Wendy murmured, loving the feeling of the toy as it spread her pussy lips wide. Lily penetrated her only slightly, pushing the phallus inside half way before Wendy begged, “Fuck me.”

Bucking her hips, Lily started to thrust the dildo into her friend’s pussy, enjoying the friction of the strap-on harness and the sculpted interior. Her own slit was on fire as she fucked her friend, holding onto Wendy’s hips as she thrust back and forth with the massive, fake cock. Lily could not believe her friend had been so willing to allow her access, loving the feeling of control she had over Wendy. In her mind, she saw the lovely, model beautiful woman cumming over and over, impaled deep on her fake cock. Lost in her fantasy, she failed to notice as Wendy started bucking her hips, panting and crying out.

“I’m gonna cum,” Wendy shouted, tilting her hips upwards to spread her ass cheeks even wider over the strap-on. Lily stared at the wrinkled sphincter of her backdoor, curious what it would be like to touch it. Wendy reached between her legs to start twirling her clit as she arched her back, spreading herself wide as possible as her pussy clenched around the strap-on. The orgasm was powerful, causing her to lose herself in a seemingly endless wave of pleasure as she felt herself contract and release, panting as she continued to get pounded by Lily’s enthusiastic fucking. The orgasm finally started to fade as Wendy felt Lily’s hands start to caress her ass cheeks, spreading them apart and then pushing them together.

Feeling naughty, Wendy reached back with one hand and touched her sphincter as Lily continued to pound her pussy. First gently touching herself, Wendy licked the same index finger of her right hand and then reached back, sliding the finger into her backdoor to the middle knuckle. Loving the feeling, Wendy pushed until her index finger was almost completely buried inside her ass. “More,” Wendy panted, starting to finger fuck her own ass, “Fuck me harder.”

Lily could not believe what she was seeing as she started to fuck her friend faster. Wendy’s finger was buried inside her ass, and Lily kept fucking her pussy, dreaming about not only shoving the dildo into her friend’s most sensitive orifice, but what it might taste like. Shaking her head, Lily started fucking her friend’s cunt faster and harder, pounding away as Wendy started to scream once more. The Italian girl collapsed, withdrawing her finger and leaning against the counter as she removed the dildo.

“Thank you,” Wendy said, looking into Lily’s eyes. “What can I do for you?”

Without a word, Lily unfastened the strap-on and set it on the counter. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, she leaned forward and kissed Wendy. As much as Wendy had bragged to Lily before, she had a secret, which Lily did not suspect. Despite her attraction to women, and especially Lily, Wendy had never done anything with another woman before. Their tongues came together inside of Wendy’s mouth as the Asian girl slid her hands around her friend’s body, loving the feeling of smooth flesh and her sensual curves. Lily’s nipples pressed into her best friend’s chest, seemingly on fire as she drove her tongue down Wendy’s throat. Wendy was loving every second of Lily’s touch, hands wandering over her succulent curves, probing lightly into Lily’s crack before heading south to cup her buttocks. Breaking the kiss, Wendy stripped out of her shirt to stand naked next to her friend for a moment to appreciate her body.

Lily’s tan was completely smooth and even, her lovely little nipples completely erect. Her face was flushed, cheeks stained pink with her excitement and lust showing in her panting breathing. Wendy grabbed the strap-on and started to mount it on her waist, fumbling at the straps until she tightened it successfully. Grinning, she stroked the dildo with her right hand. “Your turn,” Wendy said, grabbing her friend’s hand and leading her to the bedroom. Following, holding Wendy’s hand tightly, Lily’s head was spinning from the kiss. The taste of her friend’s tongue was so sweet and warm, like honey in her mouth. She had never been excited about eating pussy before, as most of her fantasies had involved the secret toy she used to masturbate but now, she was starting to realize there was a lot she wanted to do.

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