A Fantasy It Is Then

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A Fantasy It Is Then
I get asked alot about what my fantasies are and I usually answer that “I get to live out most of my fantasies and I don’t know what to tell you, sorry bud.” which is mostly met with disappointment and flacid dicks.
I was listening to Queen’s Save Me and it’s got a lyric that goes: “I’m naked and I’m far from home.”
Now all of a sudden my mind floods with a fantasy that I’ve been trying to wank away, but it’s sticking, so I figured I’d write it down here so I can point all o’ y’all there next time I get asked about my fantasies.
Here we go. Jerk off to it, if you like your porn in words, and know that somewhere out there I’m wanking right there with you.

I’m in a room dimly lit by a bare bulb. I don’t know where this room is, all I know is that I’m here, I’m naked and the door in the wall across from me is locked. There’s nothing in this concrete room, save for a bowl in the corner and a bucket in the corner farthest away. You work out which holds what.
The air is stale and even though it’s almost hot in here, the floor and walls feel cold to my bare skin.
I don’t know how long I’ve been here, but it’s long enough to forget. Whomever was canlı kaçak bahis here before me managed to scratch six notches in the wall, so for sanity’s sake I’m going with six days. I may not know how long I’ve been here, but I know exactly why I’m in here. The door only opens for two reasons: to shove a bowl of food in, or to let men in. And not necessarily the most savory types. You figure out what they’re doing here.
Besides the grime staining my skin, I’ve got splotches of dried semen on various places on my body, some more recent than others. You’d think they’d at least turn the hose on me every now and then, but I’m like an old toy in the back of the closet. Some people know it’s there and ask the owner to borrow it, but since it’s not theirs, they’re not doing the clean-up.
Now the lock clanks open and I sincerely hope its dinner time, but you and I both know this is not that kind of fantasy.
I wonder for how much my body is being rented out. By the looks of my visitors I’d guess five dollars. Maybe ten? This guy looks like a five dollar man. His breath smells of alcohol, his bushy beard smells of cigarettes and the dick he whips out of his pants… Well, perabet giriş let’s just hope he doesn’t want extended oral service.
But they all want at least some oral service. Some even want only oral and that always comes with a blast to the face. I tried to wipe it off, but now my face and my hands are dirty.
I’ve gotten on my knees, as per usual, and the man grabs my head with one strong hand. Directs his dick into my mouth with the other. It’s only a semi so far. You might have the courtesy to at least stick a full erection in my face, but whatever. I’ll fix it for you, goddamnit.
I feel him grow. Ofcourse I do. As he grows he pushes my nose into his pubes and keeps my face all the way down. All I can do is wriggle my tongue around to pleasure him and it seems to be working, but finally it grows too fat to wriggle on and as it’s pushing into my throat I’m starting to gag and try to struggle free. The man just laughs.
I start hitting his leg. He keeps laughing in a mean way. Finally my body wants to break free so much that it sends all energy to my arm muscles and I manage to push free. Although the man stops laughing, he hardly seems fazed. I perabet güvenilir mi look at his dick and feel a little proud of myself. That thing is big!
He pulls me to my feet by my hair and spins me around and up against the wall. My nipples get hard as they touch the concrete and this is the moment I find out that the man likes anal.
He spits on his fingers and rubs it over my asshole. Then he pulls my buttcheeks apart with both hands and clumsily lines up his dick. I know spit isn’t the best of lubes and I try to relax my anus before he pushes in. I bite my lip as he does. Now that he’s in the main thing is to clench, so he gets off as quick as possible. And he does. Five strokes. I don’t know about him, but for me that’s a personal best.
Let me tell you however, that having dried up cum on your skin is dirty and degrading, but it’s not half as dirty and degrading as lying curled up naked on a concrete floor and feeling cum dripping out of your asshole, over your cheek and onto the floor. And in this light you’ll step in it later.
The door locks behind the man and I’m alone again.

So, there. The fantasy. I never said I was a normal girl, alright?
It’s kinda hard to write though. I have to describe to you what I’m seeing in my head and it turns out it’s not that coherent, so I’m sorry if it’s a little light on sex, but the hot part for me is being in that room and the anticipation of being used more than the using.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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