A Family Together

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Thanks to Volunteer Editor sumwyln

Fred stood in the middle of the living room, wearing a white lace up corset with white panties and a brown wig giving his father Nick, a long deep French kiss. Nick was wearing a white see-through blouse and nothing else. Fred’s sister Jenny was on her hands and knees wearing a black netting body-suit, sucking both their cocks while their next-door neighbour Jeff, wearing nothing but jade coloured lipstick, was behind her fucking her in the ass, with his eight-inch dick. You might ask how this came to be. On the 21st of February, Jenny and Fred walked into their dad’s house and saw a sight that changed all their lives.

Walking into the house they saw Dad and Jeff sitting in the spare room dressed as women, posing for a camera on a timer. Dad was wearing a pink dress, down to his knees, black stockings, cream coloured flat slip-on shoes and a red wing. Jeff was wearing a black full-length dress down to his ankles; black two inch high shoes, a blond wig and pink lipstick and eyeliner.

They first tried to explain it as a fancy dress party they were going to. They stood up and walked over to the siblings, and told the truth they were lovers and had been for the last three years. ‘Can you accept us dressed like this?’

Fred and Jenny looked at each other, then at Jeff and Dad, and said “Yeah that’s ok, you do remember we are twenty five, you could have told us! We are grown ups, and besides, you do make a lovely couple,” and left the room.

In the living room they sat down, next to each other and said at the same time. “Should we tell them about us?”

“Well they did look hot,” said Jenny as she unzipped Fred’s fly pulling his six- inch dick out. “Hey this is hard; you thought they were hot canlı bahis to!”

“Guilty as charged. Do you want to go back in there and play with them?” Nick said lifting the front of her skirt, to finger her pussy through her black g-string.

“Yes!” Jenny yelled as she stood up and began to get undressed. “Are you coming?”

“Not yet, give me a chance to stick it in something first!” laughed Fred.

“That joke wasn’t funny, now get up and get undressed or I’ll leave you out here” she grumbled.

“Dad!” Jenny called as she entered the spare room again, leading her brother in by his dick.

They both stopped, and smiled as they saw Jeff laying back on his elbows, with his dress pulled up to his waist and dad on his knees wearing black stockings, suspender belt and a matching pink bra and panties set.

“Nick stop and look behind you; we’ve guests again.” Jeff said taking his fingers out of Nick’s hair.

“Kids, why are you naked?” ask Nick.

“Nick, are you that stupid?” laughed Jeff as he squeezed his own dick.

“What, no, sorry, I mean, what!” stuttered Nick.

“It’s ok. He’s not that stupid. It’s just when he sucks my dick he losses all concept of the English language.” Said Jeff, stroking Nick’s head. “Are you coming in to play with us?”

“Yes” shrieked Jenny.

“Fred, you come up here, and get your dick in my mouth. Jenny you suck your father’s seven-inch dick. Nick you get back to my dick.” Said Jeff, pulling Nick back down.

“Nick, you must like your daughter sucking your dick, this is the hardest you’ve ever sucked.” Said Jeff, as he pulled Fred’s dick from his mouth, and wanked it in front of Nick’s face. “We’ll have to have a competition to see which of the Logan family is the best cock sucker. bahis siteleri Fred, do you want to go first?

“Ok, but this is the first time I’ve done it. Up until now it’s been all pussy,” said Fred.

“Well, you’ve been watching your sister do it to you. Mimic what she did. I’ll guide you.” Jeff said, stroking his dick.

“Hey! I want to see him in a dress before he sucks your dick” said Jenny.

“I’ve the perfect outfit for him. I’ll be back in a minute.” called Nick as he ran out of the room.

“Do you want to practice until he gets back?” asked Jeff as he guided Fred towards his dick.

“Found it” cried Nick as he ran back into the room. “Here, put these on.”

“Jenny, would you suck me, while these two girls finish getting dressed?” asked Jeff laying flat on the bed.

“Here son, Close your eyes and let me dress you. No peeking until I’m finished with you.” Said Nick, dropping the clothes onto the bed.

A few minutes later Nick said “son, open your eyes.”

“Oh my GOD I look perfect! I’ve long blond hair, a red corset, crotch-less panties and a cream coloured wrap-around lace dressing gown!” gasped Fred, running his hands up the corset.

“Finally. Now, will you suck my dick, you beautiful girl?” said Jeff.

“Oh yes, I’m going to suck your balls out with the cum!” Said Fred as he lent down and took Jeff’s dick in his mouth.

“My GOD, are you sure this is your first time? The way your tongue is wrapping it’s self around my dick I think your tongue is longer that Nick’s!” gasped Jeff.

“Daddy, do you want to eat me or fuck me?” asked Jenny as she played with his dick.

“I’ll fuck you, so we can watch Fred and Jeff.” said Nick pushing her onto her hands and knees on the floor.

“Leave bahis şirketleri your dick just sticking out off your panties. I want to feel your panties touching me.” Said Jenny.

“Fuck Fred, get off. You’re about to make me cum. I want the other two to have a chance.” Said Jeff.

“Hey Nick, push your daughter over here, it’s her turn to suck my dick.” said Jeff.

“Nick, have you been giving your kids lessons on how to suck dick? Jenny has her tongue playing with my piss hole, and is running her teeth along the head!” groaned Jeff as he wanked Fred’s dick at Jenny’s face.

“Nick, come over here and finish me off!” said Jeff pulling Jenny off his dick, and giving her Fred’s dick to suck. “Nick, when I come on your face, I want you to present it to your kids to lick off.”

Nick pushed Jenny further up the bed, and sucked the whole of Jeff’s eight-inch dick down his throat.

“Kids that’s one thing you’ll need to learn is how to deep throat me,” sighed Jeff.

“Fred your dick looks lonely sticking out of your panties. Can I offer a warm place for it to stay?” giggled Jenny, as she played with his dick.

“Open wide, you know you don’t have to ask.” said Fred.

“Uuuuuhhhhh. Kids feeding time!” said Jeff pointing his dick at Nick’s face. “No, Wait. Fred, get the camera, you take the pictures.”

“Nick; smile.” said Fred, taking pictures as quickly as the camera would

allow. “Perfect. Now kids, get to cleaning up your father’s face!” said Jeff, slapping his dick against the side of Nick’s face.

“Ok, you three turn and smile at me. I want to see a nice messy family portrait to hang on the wall. One close up of your faces, and one of your whole bodies. I want to remember the first time the Logan family sucked me off. As to who’s the best I couldn’t pick a winner, so you lot will have to start again. Maybe this time I’ll be able to pick just one.” said Jeff as he looked down at three lipstick and cum covered people.

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