A Different Kind of Genie

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My girlfriend bought this really old looking furniture piece last week. She said it had origins in Egypt I think, but I wasn’t really listening. She likes antique things, and I like a happy horny girlfriend. So I will let her get whatever weird shit she wants. That being said, it was dusting day when she brought it home. She’s pretty high up in her career, owns an architecture firm. So I chose to sit at home and take care of things. I set myself a daily chore focus and a randomizer for how I do that chore that day. The randomizer could be something as vanilla as my doing the chores in my pajamas, or as kinky as camming it naked with gear on. I could choose the gear, because sometimes I’m not in the mood to use something. But it always had a vibrator.

Today’s random event was for me to have the latex dildo panties in and my tits bound with our bands. So when Kelly walked in to drop off that, I’m not sure what it is, it looks slightly erotic, but also very practical in the household sense. Was probably a candle holder or something. She was greeted by my bulging tight tits and me trying to comfortable bend over with the giant 13″ dildo up my cunt.

She didn’t say a word, she leaned in, put it on our mantle, pointed for me to clean it, and left back for her office. Since she dropped it off after I started my chore I decided to do it last. And I’d move it to a more appropriate place then the mantle near the door. Like the cabinet I bought her for the odd things she brings home. Whilst I was moving it to it’s new place I took the time to survey it. It definitely looked phallical, but it wasn’t an extension as it was solid. And I doubt it was a toy like a dildo. It was rather heavy for that. I did see a slight coarse spot towards the middle of its length, and being the good girl I am, tried to smooth it a little. It looked like it had been bumped by something previously.

But upon my rubbing it for a couple seconds came a cloud of dust. Much more than was expected with the area that I was trying to smooth. And it came from the top end of it, a couple inches from where I was smoothing. However I took no notice, I didn’t know what it was or if I disturbed something in it. Once I put it down in the cupboard I turned around to quite a sight. I was very startled, I didn’t hear Kelly come back in bahis firmaları after she left. And I hadn’t been turned away long enough for her to change. But there she was standing in front of me with a very sheer bra-like top that had little metal discs on its bottom line. And her panties, they were almost non existent, but she had on these sheer fabric chaps. Less like chaps though and more like hammer pants. Which Kelly did own, and wore about once every two weeks to my disappointment.

“Hello Mortal. I would think that you summoned me, but with how your body is presented currently and what’s stored in it, no one would let you touch my prison.” The Kelly look alike said.

I stood stunned, I was sure that was Kelly just wearing a costume or something, trying to be sexy. But she wouldn’t call me mortal. She would probably say the rest of it, especially if we were roleplaying that night. The girl didn’t let me answer instead she raised and lowered her hand. Her middle finger trailing behind and above the others as she did so. At the end of her motion I noticed I was kneeling on the floor with my legs spread apart a few inches. Not too far, but far enough that if I weren’t wearing the panties I were you’d see the edges of my lips.

“Now, that’s better for a slave. You should really know better than to touch a Djinn’s holding. Now stay where you are, or you’ll get hurt. I’m going to go find your master, I’m sure he’ll teach you some proper manners.” She said before floating around the apartment for a few minutes. Upon her return she questioned “You wouldn’t do this to yourself you little bitch, now where is your master, or cock guard.”

I looked at her confused, I don’t know what she was saying. But the lack of response from me seemed to anger her, for she flicked her wrist and I felt a sting on my tit and face. She floated closer to me and put her hand over the panties, applying pressure on the dildo base.

“Oh you’re a sapph, no human male cock for you. Which means you ran from your original master, probably got heavily reprimanded and fucked upon your retrieval. Then thrown out or tied to a cactus until someone decided to claim your worthless body.” She applied more pressure to the base pushing the dildo even further toward my stomach than it already was.

I began to kaçak iddaa squeal as I felt the dildo that already touched my wall before being pushed, push even further upward. Causing great discomfort to me and I began to buckle over towards the woman.

“Since you’re clearly a sapph, and appear to be hiding from your master, or if someone was merciful, mistress. I’ll claim you. But there’s a catch, I need to make you cum, three times, on yourself.” She said beginning to release the pressure on the panties.

She licked my cheek to my ear as the panties disappeared from my crotch. She touched my bare clit and I came immediately. I’ve never had that happen before, I don’t know what’s going on, but I love it, that was the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had. I offer myself to the Djinn as she called herself, letting her move my body in a way that pleased her. I felt almost nothing, just her hands on different parts of me. And soon I was licking my own pussy, as she watched and played with my breasts. I came very quickly after she put me in that position, all over my face, and it was the most I’ve ever cum. Covering me in juice and making me a sticky mess. The Djinn released me from that position and leaned me against the wall. Slowly inserting her fist into my pussy. Stretching me quite a bit as even with my dildos I was quite tight. Everytime she inserted she would go as far as possible, frequently hitting my wall and pushing a little bit. I came again a third time, just like the one before. Juices came out of me like never before, and covered my breasts, continuing down toward my face again.

After my third orgasm the Djinn let go of me and I fell to the floor. The bands on my tits disappeared and I felt something bring my arms together and my ankles together. The Djinn gave me a sly smile as she watched me slowly become restrained.

I looked up at her, a pleading look in my eyes as everything tightened and I lost the ability to move. “Oh don’t give me that look. You’re the one who was unattended and hiding from your owner. This is what happens to little submissive and slave girls when I find them. You see, I’m not a genie how you know them. I don’t do wishes for everyone.” She leaned in and kissed me before continuing, “I am a very special kind of Djinn, or genie, I’m sapphic, dominant, kaçak bahis and will steal slave girls that are away from their owners. But in order to get around all the rules against me having power over you pathetic humans. I have to make you cum, three times, on yourself.”

She cackled a bit as she looked at the sticky mess that I was. Covered in my own cum, more than ever before. Unable to move, and naked before her.

As she finished cackling and teasing me, we heard the door open. Kelly was back, but I no longer belonged to her, or had anyway to do anything. I couldn’t stand because I couldn’t move my legs, and I couldn’t call out, the Djinn had put some sort of gag in, it was very hard and chalky. Kelly walked through our entryway and into the main room. Where I was kneeling obedient to this woman. And in the flick of a wrist, Kelly too was kneeling naked next to me. I didn’t even see her have to cum, but maybe she was faster than I was. I don’t know, I just know that I serve Djinn now.

Djinn walked back in front of us and put her hand on the table. Slowly raising it until it was about 5 inches from it. As her hand moved up a heel formed. But it wasn’t a full high heel. It was a base for the toes with a plastic looking rope over it’s top, then from that it continued, presumably on top, up to where I imagine the ankle would be, before turning back around where the ankle would be. Finally going down to the actual heel part, it was a flat base that looked very ornate, not just a block going up, and it looked like bronze or gold. Before ending in a spike just where the heel of the foot would touch it.

“You two will serve me, forever. There is no escape from this, even if I get released you get passed to the next person who inhabits that holding. And you will wear these always. Never sit, only stand, these will help make sure you stand. Now look at your feet sluts.” She growled

We didn’t have much choice, at least I didn’t, my head moved whether I wanted it to or not, to be giving me a view of my legs and Kelly’s legs. I was right about where that cord went, and it was quite tight, without restricting blood flow. But even the slightest relaxation caused me to have the spike dig into my heel.

“Now girls, time for you to meet the other slaves I have. I hope you enjoy the cell in that holding.” She snapped and the three of us were taken into the antique. Kelly and I in a standing cage with three other girls, and the Djinn just outside the cage sitting on a lounge sofa. “Welcome to your new home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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