A Day at Metro Theatre Ch. 02

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The first time I visited the Metro theatre I got into 1 of the 3 rooms and got lucky. The next time I went there it was on a Saturday afternoon and I decided to check out all 3 rooms. After paying the entry fee I went into the same larger room I had visited the first time. The crowd seemed about the same, all men and most of them were down in the first rows and I noticed there were no men up in the back where I had played before. I watched the movie for a few minutes and then left to go to the next theatre. I stopped off at the washroom along the way and while pissing there I noticed there was noise coming from one of the cubicles. Checking out under the partition I saw that there were actually 2 people in there rather than one. The noises coming from the stall led me to believe that one of them was blowing the other but unable to see anything and not wanting to interrupt them I moved on to the second theatre.

I realized later that the next room was the smallest of the 3 rooms. There was probably room for about 40 seats but as my eyes adjusted to the light in the room I saw that I was the only one in there. I sat down and watched the movie for a while but when there was still no other customers after 5 minutes I got up and went to the 3rd room hoping it might be a little more lively.

The room was about the same size as the first one I had visited with room for 60 or 70 seats. There was an aisle down the middle of the room and it had a shallow slope to it with the screen raised several feet to give viewing room. One side of the room had normal theatre seats but the other side had what were obviously newer seats with quite high backs and the ability to recline a little bit. There was a bit larger crowd in this theatre with about 30 people and interestingly there were about half a dozen women in there with their husbands/ boyfriends or whatever.

I sat down on the older side in the row second from the back and started watching the movie as well as checking out what was happening around the room. Most of the men were sitting alone while the women were with their partners. A couple of the women were cuddling closely with their men but I couldn’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri see any overt playing around. A few men came and left the room while a few of them stood at the very back of the room where there was a space about 10 feet wide that was empty. I saw then that there were 2 men sitting right beside each other near the front of the room. I was about to get up and move to where I could get a better look at them when a man came into the row I was in and sat beside me.

He was probably in his 30s while I was only 23 and he was quite fit and well dressed. As we sat there after a few minutes he started rubbing the leg farthest from me and pretty obviously stoking himself through his pants. I saw that no one else seemed to be watching us and so started stroking my leg as well. When he noticed that I saw he worked the zipper down on his pants and then released his cock. I continued what I was doing but I was getting hard by then and so was he. When he saw I wasn’t complaining or worried about what was happening he went one step further and started touching my leg. While this was going on I noticed a woman coming down the aisle towards us. That made me stop what I was doing but she kept coming and ended up sitting right beside me on the other side. He meanwhile had never stopped playing with his cock.

At this I was pretty nervous but he started rubbing my leg as well as his cock. The woman was slim but nicely built and dressed in a miniskirt and blouse. She pressed her leg against mine and then reached past me and stroked his cock a couple of times. That led me to finally realize that they knew each other and I didn’t have to worry. I pulled my zipper down and pulled out my cock which was once again hard. While I was stroking myself she put her hand on mine and pulled my hand off and placed it on his cock. She then took over stroking me slowly as I started stroking him.

This went on for a few minutes until she took my chin in her hand and turning my head towards her she gave me a very hot deep tongue kiss. Meanwhile the guy shifted around a bit and undoing his pants slid them down to his ankles. When he settled back in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his seat she used her hand to turn my head towards him and then putting her hand on the back of my neck started pressing me down towards his cock. I had had some experience sucking other guys and although it was pretty odd to be led into it by his girl friend I realized she wanted to see me sucking him so I bent over and took his cock into my mouth.

She continued rubbing the back of my neck while the guy started thrusting into my mouth. With her other hand she kept stroking my cock and then undid my belt and pants and started tugging on my pants to get them lower. When I shifted in my seat to help her she pulled them down around my ankles. We two guys were now in the same condition with our pants down but although she was stroking my cock I had his cock buried in my mouth.

While we continued like this she took her hand off my neck and placed it on my hip starting to stroke and rub me there. She started pushing a little harder and with the hand on my cock she started turning me more and more towards him. As I shifted she moved her hand farther around onto my ass. She was now stroking my cock and playing with my balls with one hand while running her other hand more and more towards my ass. The guy meanwhile had taken my head in his hands and was starting to thrust more forcefully into my mouth. He certainly wasn’t being rough but he was holding me down low over his crotch. Just then I felt the girl lick up the side of my hip but as I tried to look at her the guy held my head where it was so I couldn’t see anything except his cock and belly in front of me.

Since she obviously was working more and more behind me I rolled over onto my knees on the floor and I no sooner did that than I felt her run her fingers down the crack of my ass and over my asshole. She then asked me to get up and kneel on the seat which I quickly did. Once I was there she moved behind me and started playing with my ass with one hand while she reached between my legs and played with my cock and balls with the other. Her boyfriend let go of my head and as I lifted my head güvenilir bahis şirketleri I saw that there was 3 guys standing behind us and watching everything going on. One of them had his cock out in his hand and it seemed pretty silly to get shy at this point so I just lowered my head and resumed sucking on the guy.

Just as I got his cock shoved back into my mouth I felt the woman spread my ass cheeks apart and then lick my asshole. I had been fucked a couple of times by then but neither of them had actually played with my asshole other than to finger it a bit to help loosen me up. My cock was like a rock now and the woman obviously recognized that because she stopped stroking me but kept playing with my ass. I felt her press a finger into my ass and groaned around her boy friend’s cock.

She pulled her finger out and used her tongue on my ass again. Her tongue left my ass but she kept the cheeks separated and I felt her start pushing a finger in again. Then I realized it was bigger than a finger. I assumed she had a dildo but then I felt it slip inside my ass and although it stretched it tight it wasn’t painful. She started pushing it in deeper and backing it out again and then as she pushed int me again I felt her pressed right up behind me. I took my head off the guy’s cock and looked behind me to see that she had pulled her mini skirt up and was in fact fucking me. As she thrust in and out of my ass I realized she was a transvestite and not a woman at all. One of the guys standing and watching us was leaned over a little and had his hand on her ass moving along with her.

Again it occurred to me that it would be pretty silly to get upset by any of this now so I again went back to sucking on the cock in front of me and she grabbed my hips and started fucking me harder and harder. The guy in my mouth started thrusting harder then he put his hand on the back of my head again and shoved in as far as he could and held there while I felt his cock spasm as he dumped a load of cum into me. He grunted several times and then pulled out of my mouth. The woman was now fucking me hard in the ass and then she jammed into me and held still while she spewed her load of cum as well. She pulled back out of me and turning me around took my cock in her mouth. She started sucking me and then I felt her shove her finger into my ass and that was enough to get me to cum in her mouth. At that the 3 of us rearranged our clothes and went our separate ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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