A Conversation Online with Natalie Ch. 03

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Hi Sarah,

So, to continue the story, on Friday I saw all my daughters talking by the pool. I hoped that they were talking about the chat I had with them. When Millie came into the house I just asked her outright.

‘No, we weren’t,’ Millie told me, ‘but I was planning getting together with Ginny tonight. She wants me to show her how to shave her pussy. I’ve asked Lily to help me.’ I felt a ripple in my loins, my own pussy getting wet at the thought.

‘Well, I shall be spending the night at Ann’s, so you’ll have the house to yourselves. And maybe we can all have another chat over the weekend.’

When I got home Saturday, Millie was sitting out by the pool by herself, getting some sun. It was little cool so we went back inside. I really wanted her to bring up what happened with Ginny and Lily but she didn’t say anything. I asked her flat out. She got so excited that it was like she was waiting for me to ask. She said that she told Ginny to come up to her bathroom because she was going to shave her own pussy. It will be the best way for her to learn.

So Ginny went up with Millie. Then Lily came in and asked what was going on. Millie explained, and began to soap up her own pussy. She showed Ginny how to shave it, pulling her lips to make the skin tight, shaving all the new grown hair around her lips and pubic area leaving just a thin “landing strip”. After Millie wiped off the remaining soap, she rubbed her pussy showing Ginny just how smooth it was. Millie said that she could tell by the expression in their eyes, that both Lily and Ginny were excited.

Millie told Ginny to take off her clothes so she could shave hers. Ginny had only trimmed her pussy hair up until now, so her bush was pretty thick all around. Millie suggested that she trim it short with scissors first, before soaping up. Millie watched closely as Ginny copied what she had seen Millie do before. When she got near her lips, though, she got a little nervous and asked Millie if she could do it for her. So Millie finished it up and wiped of the remaining soap. Millie rubbed Ginny’s pussy and said it was so soft and looked very sexy.

‘Go on, Ginny. Feel it. And show me how you masturbate. Anyway, Ginny was reluctant at first so I started to rub my own pussy. It’s just us girls so it is no big deal,’ Millie told her.

It seems that Ginny was still a little embarrassed, so Millie asked Lily if she would take off her clothes as well, and play with her pussy. She thought it was pretty cool, but stripped off. Finally Ginny did start to rub her pussy.

Millie watched Ginny. ‘It doesn’t feel good because you’re only rubbing your pussy lips and not touching your clit. Look Ginny! Do what I’m doing.’And soon Ginny was feeling real good. Well all three of them masturbated themselves to orgasm.

When they got their breath back, Ginny said it was her best orgasm to date.

Still feeling a little embarrassed, Ginny thanked Millie and left the room. Millie and Lily looked at each other and started to laugh. They went back to Millie’s bedroom feeling very horny so they got out the double ended dildo and fucked each other with it.

‘Are you mad at us, Mom, for using it on each other?’

‘Course not. That’s why I gave it to you. But please make sure that no one outside of the family ever finds out.’ So by now I was feeling so horny myself, I went straight to my room and fingered my self to orgasm. Mmm. Nice!

Later in the afternoon I was still feeling horny. I really wanted to tell Ann about it but thought that she may think it was a bit weird. So I drove over to my sister Dora’s and told her about what was going on. She got so excited. We had sex again. It was wonderful.

When we were finished, Dora asked, ‘Why do you think we never had sex together when we were young?’

‘I don’t know. Maybe because we didn’t have Mom to guide us or advice us about girl/girl sex. But we can always make up for lost time. And since you’re already coming over Sunday for the football game, come over a bit earlier. I’ll call you and let her know what time.’

I know! But me, my sister and my girls are big American Football fans. Not real sexy, but me and Dora got it from our father. Oh well!

So Sunday afternoon I asked the girls if we could have another chat. Ginny said she had plans to go to the mall with some friends so I said it was OK, we can talk again later bahis firmaları on, if she would like. I called Dora and told her to come over at 4pm and go straight to my bedroom.

When Millie and Lily joined me in my room. I asked then if they had any questions since our last chat. They looked at each other. Then Millie admitted to Lily that she had already told me about what they’d been doing. Lily looked over at me, rather sheepish.

‘It’s okay Lily,’ I assured her, ‘but be very discreet about it. Did you enjoy it?’

‘Yes, I did.’ Then surprised me by adding ‘but I would really like to feel what it’s like to get fucked with the strap on.’ And she looked at Millie.

Millie smiled. ‘Anytime.’

I got a little daring. ‘Well, why not now?’

‘What? Right here in front of you?’

‘I’ll leave if you like, but I thought I could help if you are not sure what to do.’ So Millie went to get it. I thought I could at least show them how to put it on. Millie came back with the strap-on. I told them both to get undressed and I helped Millie put on the strap-on.

‘Do you want me to leave?’ I asked.

‘No! It’s okay if you want to watch.’ They got on the bed.


‘The dildo is pretty big, so it will be a lot easier if Lily’s pussy gets very wet first. You could either rub it or, better yet, lick it.’

‘Oh!’, Millie said. ‘We haven’t ever done that yet.’ She started to rub Lily’s pussy. But after a few seconds, Millie crouched between her wide-open legs and began to lick Lily. She was getting very wet. So Millie placed the end of the dildo against Lily’s vagina and began to enter her. Very slow at first. I must admit, my mouth turned dry and my body was really buzzing as I watched my daughters having sex together.

It was a little awkward but Millie soon got into a good rhythm. While Millie was fucking Lily, my hands were undoing my shorts. I settled on my sofa, fingers quickly grappling in my pussy. I was so turned on – it was awesome! Daughters fucking!

Millie was now going at Lily pretty hard. Lily was really getting into it and moaning very loud. It was at this moment that Dora came into the room. The girls were too busy to notice her come in. Dora and I exchanged a quick glance before she quickly stripped and sat beside me. She started to finger herself. Then she and I started to finger each other. By this time, Millie had noticed Dora was there, but continued to fuck Lisa. Lily started to come. Wow! Lily is very loud when she comes. I was so happy for her. If there was anybody right outside our house I’m sure they would have heard her. Millie withdrew and got down between Lily’s legs and lapped up all her juices.

For a few minutes, they lay recovering, whilst Dora and I were still fingering each other. Dora was lurching and moaning in a frenzy of orgasm. Lily said, ‘Oh Shit, Aunt D!’

Dora looked at her, getting her breath back. ‘Gosh! You two were so hot!’ The girls looked a little puzzled.

‘Was this all planned?’ they asked. I then confessed that I have had fantasies about them for a while. I know it is probably wrong but I love them so much and they are such hot sexy girls. All the while I was talking, they were touching each other’s boobs.

‘I loved watching you fuck,’ I told them.

It was Lily who said ‘Knowing you were watching made it even better. And now it’s our turn to watch you fuck Dora.’ Millie agreed that would be so hot! So I looked at Dora and she smiled so I took another strap-on from my dresser draw and put it on. Dora spread-eagled herself on the bed, and I straddled her open thighs starting to lick her pussy and asshole. When she was good and ready, I crawled over her, to put the head of the dildo into her wet pussy. I began to slowly fuck her. Whilst I was fucking her hard, I could see Lily and Millie fingering each other again, eyes glued on me and Dora.

After fucking Dora for a while I told her that I wanted to fuck her ass. I started to finger Dora’s ass and lube it up, before slowly entering it. Dora let out a little yell at first as the muscles objected. I moved it in a little further. The muscles relaxed. Soon I was fucking her ass nice and slow. Watching this turned on Millie and Lily so much that they had got into a 69 position on the floor, avidly licking each others pussies. Well, after fucking Dora’s ass for what seemed ages, I pulled out and fingered kaçak iddaa and licked her pussy until she came all over my hand. Millie and Lily also came with very intense orgasms. The room was full of moans and cries and OMG’s as we all relished the sheer joy of family sex. It was a fantastic experience!

When we were all spent, I slid over to Lily and Millie to gave them each a nice kiss, before taking their fingers, licking off their juices. My girls tasted amazing! Absolutely marvelous! I was in heaven!

I’d just got to live out my fantasy. Wow!! And I wasn’t disappointed!

Well we all got cleaned up and went down stairs to eat some dinner and watch the football game. Ginny came home and we were all together. I was so happy about what had happened but a little nervous that the girls may have second thoughts afterward. Deep down I really wanted this to happen but I never really thought it would. But I am also a little sad about it too. I just hope it does not screw up our relationship. I do not know if it will ever go further or even happen again. But it was a wonderful experience!

I hope Millie and Lily tell Ginny what happened, but I will leave that to them. Maybe I will be with Millie sometime or maybe I will masturbate with all three. Maybe we will have a big family orgy! I don’t know. But I really hope my three lovely girls continue to experience that special love they have for each other. And that maybe they get to share another girl together,

What a weekend!

(A few days later.)

‘Are you there, Sarah?’

‘At last! Yes I am! Always so lovely to have you on line. Are you at home.’

‘Yes. I’m home resting.’

‘Seems to me you need it!’

‘Been very busy few days.’

‘You’re telling me! Not dressed then?’

‘Just got out of the shower.’

‘What about bra? Still in your gown?’

‘Nothing. Just a toweling robe.’

‘So if I was there with you, I could caress your breasts with no problem, and kiss you softly and longingly. With my hand caressing your bottom.’

‘No problem at all. They are waiting for you, lol.’

‘Kissing … mmm … tongue exploring your mouth.’

‘Oh yes.’

‘Finger trailing in the crack of the cheeks. searching for the secret entrances. My lips chewing your lower lip. Pulling it.’

‘Yes, oh yes.’

‘Then kissing your ears and eyelids.’


‘Making love to your face.’

‘My neck, please my neck.’

‘Tongue trailing down your neck. M finger has found your rosebud. Toying with it.’

‘Oh god.’

‘Warm and damp.’


‘Licking your lovely soft neck.’

‘Oh my.’

‘And murmuring into your ears. Blowing softly.’

‘Love that so much.’

‘Back to your mouth.’

‘Kiss my neck and I’m yours.’

‘Then down the neck again to seek the hard swollen nipple.’


‘Suckling and biting with my lips.’

‘Feels so good.’

‘Back to your neck again.’


‘Kissing and licking it all over.’

‘Oh my god. I feel so weak.’

‘Finger now past your bum and exploring the soft flesh of your pussy.’

‘My god. Mmm.’

‘Those warm chewy labia.’

‘Oh my. Feels like heaven.’

‘Sucking your breasts again.’

‘Lick me please.’

‘Tongue trailing over your belly, down to your groin licking your mound.’

‘Getting so wet.’

‘Then into your inner thighs, kissing and licking your soft skin either side of your pussy.’

‘Oh fuck.’

‘Fingers parting the labia so that I can study you vagina.’

‘Mmm it’s so beautiful. I can feel your hot breath on my pussy.’

‘I ADORE pussy – and yours is a perfect specimen!!’

‘Please lick me, please.’

‘Lips pulling at the labia.’

‘Don’t tease me.’

‘Fingers testing the opening.’

‘Ple-ase. I need you.’

‘Opening my mouth and taking the WHOLE of you vulva into it. Chewing. Sucking.’


‘Tongue rubbing your clit. Fingers penetrating your bum. In and out.’

‘Oh yes.’

‘Now three fingers in your vagina.’

‘Yes, oh yes. More.’

‘Both passage filled with exploring fingers.’

‘Give me more. Make me full.’

‘Pushing in and out. Tongue lapping your clit.’

‘Oh fuck.’

‘Now climbing kaçak bahis over you. My pussy over your face. Juices dripping onto your lips.’

‘Mmm your beautiful pussy. Taste your juices.’

‘Smearing the juices all over your mouth. Your nose rubbing the clit.’

‘Let me lick your beautiful pussy.’

‘I can feel your thighs tremble. Your back arches. Your muscles are clenching. Your tongue deep inside me.’

‘Oh fuck.’

‘My tongue in your pussy.’

‘I’m squirming against your face. Rubbing all my wetness on you.’

‘Mmm so good you taste so good.’

‘Finger fucking your pussy and bum.’

‘Wanting to come.’

‘Tongue in your bum. Tongue fucking your bum.’

‘Oh fuck so close.’

‘The bitter rosebud.’

‘Fingers penetrating and teasing.’

‘Oh yes. So close.’

‘Drawing you to a lovely climax.’


‘Fingers fucking faster and faster. Tonguing you clit.’

‘Gonna cum. FUCK FUCK FUCK.’

‘Harder and deeper. Deeper and faster.’


‘Nose rubbing your clit. Fingers pounding you.’


‘Your soft puffed labia.’


‘Come for me Natalie.’


‘Come darling.’




(After a few moments of silence.)

‘All my fingers and hand are still deep in your pussy. Fisting. Fisting.’


‘Clawing at your vaginal walls. Pounding. Pummeling.’


‘driving deeper and deeper.’

‘Gonna cum some more.’

‘Finger fully in your bum.’


‘Body trembling. Come come come again.


‘Shake and tremble and lurch and thrash.’


‘Thrashing thighs.’


‘Belly lurching. Tongue biting your clit hard. Hand fucking you.’


‘Holding you down.’


‘Your shaking body. Trembling thighs.’


‘Back arching and tense. Rigid.’

‘OH MY.’


‘Holding your breath.’





(Another short silence)

‘Mmm I loved that. Phew! Panting for breath here.’

‘I’m shaking myself. All over. Mmm nice orgasm though.’

‘I can feel my tongue licking all around your pussy, Sarah.’

‘Legs wide apart high in the air. Straddle over me. 69.’

‘Open for you. My lips kissing your inner thighs. Fingers in your bum again. It’s so so wet!

‘Coming …. coming. Yes yes yes. Oooooooooooooooooooo. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt.’

‘So glad Sarah! I can still feel your tongue between my pussy lips me.’

‘Up and down the length of your pussy.’


‘Tongue inside. Finger in bum.’

‘Don’t stop …. don’t stop …. I don’t believe it!’

‘Up and down.’

‘I’m cumming again. AGAIN! Oh fuck! Cumming …. Cumming.’

‘Two fingers in bum.’


‘Licking your clit while I stuff two fingers in your soaking pussy.’


‘In and out. Faster. Faster. Faster. FASTER.’


‘Fucking you harder. You’re all mine Natalie.’

‘Oh god! I’m SQUIRTING Sarah! Can’t stop it! I don’t believe it – ANOTHER! WOW! … OH MY GOD – A THIRD SQUIRT!’

‘On my face Natalie. Fill my mouth. Fantastic! Awesome! I’M CUMMING AS WELL. WOW! YE-E-E-E-E-S-S-S-S-S-S-S……… WITH YOU!’

(A lengthy silence.)

‘Panting here, Sarah. Oh Jeeez!”

‘Natalie! Getting breath back here as well. Palm of hand cupping your sticky, soaking vulva.’

‘Oh baby! I squirted! WOW! Just like a man. Not pee! Three spurts! Cum juices.’

‘Wonderful darling. I’m so thrilled for you. Who needs anyone else when I have you.’

‘Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!’

‘You are a wonderful lover Natalie. I would have loved to taste your squirts for real.’

‘You made me cum so hard. I never squirted before. After more than 25 years of cumming. Awesome! Now three at once. It’s unbelievable Sarah. I’m so thrilled! Proud even!’

‘I’m dripping as well!’

‘Sarah. Listen! I just licked my fingers. Amazing! My squirts taste just the same as my juices.’

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