A Christmas Story

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The moon outside is full, and the reflection off the snow is illuminating. The sky is clear, and all the stars are bright and visible. The soft breeze, cool and crisp. You are poking at the fire, and the only light in the room, is the reflection of the moon through the large window, the soft glow of the fire and the twinkle of the lights on the tree. You have already removed your shirt and thrown it on the back of the couch. Your chest glistening from the heat of the fire. There are blankets and pillows laid out between the tree and the fire, and on the table, an open bottle of wine, and two glasses.

I come up behind you, and wrap my arms around your waist. I lean over and whisper in your ear “Merry Christmas Baby,” and then proceed to kiss the back of your neck and your shoulders. You grin with pleasure, you straighten up. hang your tool back up, and then slowly turn around.

You place your finger under my chin and pull my face closer to yours, and our lips meet in a soft warm kiss. My arms still wrapped around your waist, and your hands running up and down my back, experiencing the feel of the open lace against my skin. My tongue darts out and runs slowly along the inside of your lips, and I hear a soft moan. I trail my tongue over to your ear lobe, and gently down your neck. Nuzzling my face up against the junction of your neck and shoulder.

Our embrace tightens, and we get lost for a few moments in the warmth and passion of it. Your hands move off to my shoulders, and you push me away gently.

“I have a surprise for you,” And you grin. You take my hand and lead me over to the blankets. “Sit right here, and I will be right back.”

I sit on the floor, and wait in anticipation. A few minutes later you reenter the room, wearing a cottony, white fluffy beard, and a big red bow on your fully erect manhood. Grinning from ear to ear you shout out “Merry Christmas HOHOHO!!” I start laughing and fall over sideways.

“Oh Steven, I love it,” I say in between giggles.

You start to walk slowly towards me, still grinning, and I notice you also have a large black bag over your shoulder. The laughter subsides, and I get up on my knees.

“hhhhhhmmmmm,” I say, “Can I open my present now Santa?”

I look up at you with wide eyes, and lick my lips. Running the tip of my finger over the bright ribbon. You stand there with your legs slightly spread just grinning and you nod. I run my nails softly up your erection to the head, and flick my tongue just over the tip. Pressing my palm against the underside, my fingertips finally reach your balls, and I slowly wrap my fingers around them. Still güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri flicking my tongue barely over the tip. Then around the head.

You drop the bag behind you, and I hear a soft moan, and feel your hands embrace my head, as your entwine your fingers in my hair. I run my tongue up and down the underside of your cock, sometimes up and down from the ribbon to the head, and sometimes around each side. My fingers delicately massaging your balls.

As I make my way back to the head, I wrap my lips gently around you, and swirl my tongue around and around the head. My teeth gently scrapping over the ridge. Another moan, and your hands tighten gently. My lips work their way down the shaft, and back up, flicking my tongue around as I go. I begin to remove the ribbon with my teeth, very very slow, and your hips thrust forward gently. The ribbon falls softly to the floor, and I engulf you with one stroke.

“Yes” you cry, and press your hips against my face.

I slowly run my lips back up to the head, and you moan again, and then quickly to the base, loving the feel of your massive cock as it beats against the back of my throat, and then slips further down.

Your hands clench my hair and you pull me forward as your hips thrust toward me. Again very very slowly back to the head, and quickly all the way down. Your hips thrusting back and forth, your grip tightening. My fingers still massaging your balls, and the other hand clenching your ass, my tongue and lips relishing your taste. I feel your body begin to stiffen, and you cry out.

I continue to fuck you with my throat, your cries increasing, and becoming intense. “Oh God, Shannon, yes baby yes,” Feeling you explode down my throat, I slow my pace, and lick up every last drop. “Oh baby” you cry, and fall to your knees. I lick my lips, and grin.

“Thank you Santa” We both laugh. I crawl over to the table and pour the wine. The red lace chemise, has ridden up to my waist and you have a perfect view of my dripping pussy. I offer you the glass of wine, and you drink, trying to catch your breath. “What a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve”

After a few minutes, you set your glass down, and then take mine from me. “I’m not through yet my love, we are going to watch the sun come up this morning” you say softly.

You lean forward and your lips meet mine, our tongues dancing back and forth, the passion mounting again. The beard tickles, and I uncontrollably start to giggle again. I feel myself going back down to the floor, your lips following mine until I’m lying down.

Your tongue trails to my ear, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and then down my neck. The beard tickles, and I squirm from the sensation. You trail your way over my shoulder and down to my breast. My nipples hard and poking through the lace. You wrap your lips around one of them, and gently start to suck. My back arches slightly, and a soft moan escapes my lips. You start to nibble gently with your teeth still sucking, the nipple becoming harder. I place my hands on your head, and start to run my fingers through your hair.

Then you raise up slightly. “I believe in equal treatment” and I giggle again as you attack the other helpless, yearning nipple. My back arching up against you pressing gently to your face. The beard tickles, but the sensation is becoming eroticly intense. You slowly work your way down my stomach, running your tongue over the open lace. I feel the beard brush against my swollen clit, and then down over my thigh.

I spread my legs and raise my knees up. You tongue darting over my inner thighs, and then barely over my lips. You take your fingers and spread my lips, and flick your tongue up and down between my clit and my pussy. My moans getting louder, and my hips pushing up against your face. You run your tongue around my clip, and my hips jerk.

“Oh that feels so good,” I moan.

You raise up and pull away. “Oh no!!!!!” You grin at me again, and reach over for your bag.

My fingers move down my stomach and softly over my clit, wondering what you are up to. You pull a vibe out of the bag, and sitting between my legs run in up and down, over my wet pussy, only teasing me, my hips thrust up, but you won’t enter me. You take another vibe out of the bag, and I spread my lips for you. You start to run that vibe around and over my clit. My head pressed back against a pillow, my moans deep, and my hips thrusting toward you. You finally enter my pussy only an inch and then pull back out, I moan in disappointment.

You continue to tease me, until there is a large puddle underneath me. My juices flowing down my ass, and covering my inner thighs. “Oh Steven.”

You finally very very slowly start to fuck me, entering only an inch at a time, my hips thrusting up to meet you, wanting more. Your pace is very slow and calculated. My moans getting louder and more intense. My body starts to shiver, and you pull the vibe away from my clit, and pull the one out of my pussy. “Oh NO!!!!!!”

You take the dildo that you had inside me and slowly run it up my stomach, it is dripping wet with my juices. I look down and see you coming towards güvenilir bahis şirketleri my face with it, it reaches my lips and I open my mouth eagerly.flicking my tongue out, trying to lap up all the dripping juices from it.

As I start to suck on the dildo, I feel the head of your cock between my pussy lips, and thrust my hips upward again in acceptance. You push my legs up to where my knees are against my shoulders, and you lean forward to hold them there. Very softly you enter me, but I am anxious, and I keep trying to take you deeper. Still holding the dildo to my face and sucking it down my throat. Your pace quickens, and before long you are buried deep within me.

My hips meeting your every thrust. Moans escaping my throat around the dildo. Just as my body starts to shiver again, you stop, deep inside me, and just stay there, watching me, seeing the disappointment on my face, and knowing full well that you are driving my out of my mind. You start to pull out of me very slow. I pull the dildo out of my mouth and scream out “NO Steven, please don’t stop baby, please don’t stop”.

You laugh softly. My body is trembling, and skin glistening from the heat we are generating, nipples rock hard. I reach down between my legs and guide your hard dripping wet cock toward my ass. I feel you enter me with just the head. And again I thrust my hips up.

“Yes baby Yes.”

I take the other vibe and start to rub it around my clit again. Feeling you slowly work yourself into me. My hips moving faster, wanting all of you. My juices flowing in streams. You can feel it dripping down over your balls, and down the inside of your thighs.


“Oh yes Shannon’ cum for me sweetie, cum all over me” With that my body stiffens, and I scream out again. Juices spraying out of me, covering your chest your stomach.

You pound harder, the thrusts getting faster and more intense. My body trembling as I cum over and over and over. Screaming out.

With one last thrust, you explode, and scream out “Oh YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSS. YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!”

Our pelvis’s unite and become one. I squirm with delight, and your thrusts slow down. You finally pull out of me, and I sit up licking your chest of the drops of my nectar that cover it. You hold my head against your chest, and moan deep in your throat. I lick and nibble all over your chest and stomach until you are clean. We both fall back against the pillows. Spent. Our breathing finally returning to normal.

I look up, and out the window, and I start to giggle. “You were right. Look.”

You roll over slightly and look out the window. The sunrise is magnificent, the sky taking on hues of peach and pink. And it has started to snow again. We lay there forever, just watching the snow, and the changing colors of the sky, and the embrace is soft and warm.

“Merry Christmas My love.”

“Merry Christmas.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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