24 Hours Ch. 05

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The exchange of partners was nearly complete. Sue and I had now spent a whole day together, full of adventure and sex, as had Richard and Les. On a clifftop we had shared many secrets and fantasies, and in this final chapter we acted them out.

Part 5 – Secrets and anal sex

It was now Wednesday morning and Sue and I were already well into our breakfast when Les and Richard appeared smiling hand in hand. They waved, selected their cereal and juice and joined us. By the looks on their faces we knew they had had sex at last. There was no awkwardness, we all knew what was happening between us, two new friendships, now developing into sexual relationships. When Les went in search of coffee I followed her, leaving brother and sister alone to catch up on events.

“I suspect something has happened to change your thoughts about relationships Les?”

“Yes Tom, and it’s not just the sex, Rich is just… so different, so kind and gentle, so much in need of love and I think I can give it to him. Plus a few tips about you-know-what,” she laughed.

“We saw you in that restaurant last night and could see that something special was going on.”

“Oh, is that why you didn’t join us? So what about you two?”

“Sex with Sue is quite extraordinary. I think she is hesitant about us getting serious though.”

“Never mind, enjoy it while you have it. By the way, I haven’t told Rich about me yet…you know.”

“God, I forgot about that. You really should.”

“I know. I will, when the time is right. Come on, let’s join the others.”

On the way back I told her that I now knew about their true relationship, and that I was okay with it.

We were sat next to our new partners sipping coffee when Sue spoke with a gleam in her eye.

“So, would I be right in assuming that an extension of yesterday’s loan would be appropriate?”

We all laughed and nodded and I replied, “The last 24 hours seemed reasonably acceptable, so why not?”

Sue dug me in the ribs.

Richard and Les, apparently even more exhausted than their previous night together, decided they wanted to stay on the beach for the day, so we elected to do the car hire thing and engage in some exploring.

“You sure you are looking for birds?” laughed Les.

The north of St Vincent is very mountainous and sparsely populated, and on the way Sue showed me where she and Richard had visited the Pirates’ film set. Not now much to be seen there apart from some decaying plywood buildings, a jetty and a fibreglass bridge, all very familiar once re-watching the film on DVD.

For the first time sex was not the principal thought on our minds that day. We were however basking in the new friendship we had for each other and there was rarely a moment we weren’t holding hands or had our arms around each other. I knew I could easily live with this woman but I was still unsure of Sue’s emotions. At least we knew we were compatible in the bedroom, and on cliff tops, beaches, wherever! I had already confessed my desire to fuck her on the grass in the pouring rain with just holes in our clothing for the vital bits, just as she had previously experienced!

She laughed, holding her hand up to the clear sky, “Sorry to disappoint you Tom, no rain!”

We lunched in a little fishing village which had recently become popular with the patronage of the film crews, and the afternoon found us sat in a little cove on the windy east coast watching the waves break over the reefs, the sea and birds providing the only sound of nature. We were at peace, never wanting to leave this spot. Romantically we carved out our initials on a palm tree, vowing one day to return and make love on this very spot.

“Talking of sex Tom, you realise tonight is our last night?”

I didn’t need reminding that she and Richard were due to fly home tomorrow.

“Never mind, I will only be three days behind, we can meet up say Monday?”

“I know. But right now I want to do something special tonight, something quite close to my heart.”

I grinned at her. “I don’t think my cock is long enough for that, you better try your brother!”

“Silly! You know what I mean.”

“Are you sure about this? We have only known each other properly a few days.”

“I’m talking about doing it in that hammock again, what did you think I meant?”

I reddened in the afternoon sun. “It was nothing.”

She pinched my arm. “Come on tell me. No secrets please.”

“Okay. I thought you were referring to what we discussed last night. You know? When I put my finger in your bum.”

Her eyes lit up in comprehension. “Oh that! Of course I want to try that Tom, and I want it to be with you, but the moment has to be right for me.”

I placed my arm around her shoulder. “Don’t worry, it’s unknown territory for me too. Well almost, apart from a little prod.”

We both laughed and fell silent gazing out to sea. I was wondering just how I would fit my fat cock into that tight little ass when she broke into my thoughts.

“Tom, I’m frightened.” There was a hint of moisture in her eyes.

“What, about anal sex?”

“No, not canlı bahis that. Holiday romances.”

“What about them?”

“I’ve had them before and they were disasters.”

I put an arm around her shoulder. “What happened?”

“I was 18 and on holiday in Ibiza and fell in love with this Dutch boy. We had lovely sex for two weeks, then I heard no more from him. Same happened again when I went with a girlfriend to Cyprus, and we shacked up with two Irish lads. We all screwed loads, then we both got dumped. Great sex, lovely holiday, thank you and goodbye.”

“But you were young then, we all did those things, our eyes are more open as we get older.”

“Well, I didn’t learn did I? I fell into bed with Jim my ex husband and we got married too quickly. We had lots of rows and he got fed up and joined the army, and then got killed.”

“I don’t think that applies to us. I believe we have something a lot stronger than just a holiday fuck, don’t you?”

“Yes Tom, I agree, but you are just out of a relationship and I am rediscovering sex. I’m frightened that we might be taking this too fast and jumping into something we might regret.”

“Well, you go home tomorrow, we can take a break and think it over, maybe not see each other for a week or so?”

“No, I don’t mean that Tom, I want to see you, I want to have sex with you. Lots of sex. I have so much time to make up for. I just don’t think I am ready to commit to a man, any man, just yet. I think we should both be free and open to explore our sexuality for a few months, only then will we be able to see how strong our connection this week has been.”

“Are you suggesting I should go out and find other girls to shag?”

“No I’m not, but at the same time I don’t think we should go monogamous just yet.”

I kissed her cheek affectionately. “Well, I think I’m ready.”

Her eyes questioned mine. “Are you really sure of that Tom? You came out here with your new fuck-buddy Les, then switched to me, just like that.”

I almost retorted that she had done exactly the same, but quickly remembered that Richard was her brother. Instead I smiled at her.

“I understand how you feel, just know that in my heart my cock is only for you.” Little did I know that in less than a day that statement would be proved worthless.

“Tom, what’s your definition of a fuck-buddy, I don’t think I’ve ever had one.”

“If Lisa the air stewardess was anything to go by, that would be a friend that you can call on when you need sex, with no strings attached, no rules. She was my last fuck-buddy, and that was a completely open relationship due to her being away so much.”

“Meaning you had sex with other girls while you were with her?”

“Yes I did, and she did the same. With other guys I mean. That was what we had agreed. But we also had great respect for each other and always shared our experiences. That used to get us extremely horny, with the obvious results.”

Sue kissed me softly, and with her lips barely touching mine she whispered, “In which case will you be my fuck-buddy, on those same terms? Always tell me if you have been with someone? And I will do the same.”

“Of course I will! So who do you plan on fucking next then?”

She patted my crotch. “You of course. And soon please.”

I returned my lips to hers and slid my hand up the leg of her shorts, but she pushed me away, pointing to the passers-by above us on the cliff path.

“Not here silly, people will see.”

“You didn’t mind on the beach.”

“That was night-time Tom, I don’t mind that, and just in case you didn’t notice, I happen to love sex in the dark.”

We sat quietly for a while with our thoughts, my mind focusing on our recent cliff-top conversation.

“Sue, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Tom,” she laughed, “I shared that I slept with my own brother, what could possibly be more personal than that? Of course you can!”

“You said the other day you are not bisexual, but think you could be. Have you ever fancied another woman?”

She was silent for a minute, staring out to sea.

“Apart from Les who I think I could fancy, but I know she is straight, there is one woman I could have gone with.”

I sat up and grasped her hand, the interest obvious in my eyes. “Go on.”

“When I was working in Aldershot there was another teacher Maxine, everyone knew she was bisexual, and she came on to me several times. She was a tiny little thing, scruffy blonde hair, no breasts, but such come-to-bed eyes.”

Little Tom stirred with the thought of this woman with her head between Sue’s thighs, her rear end exposed for my pleasure.

“Obviously you didn’t go with her, what did you do?”

“With losing Jim I had gone completely off sex, otherwise I might have been tempted, she was so fucking sexy. She kept trying to touch me, you know, arms and shoulders and things. I just wasn’t ready. She got promotion to another teaching job soon after that, and for ages I kicked myself for not going with her.”

“Missed opportunities, we all have them.”

“Yes, but that was the second time Tom.”

“Oh, really?”

“This bahis siteleri is really embarrassing. Even Rich doesn’t know.”

“Go on, I can keep a secret.”

“Okay. When I was about fourteen my best friend Helen and me used to do rude things.”

“What? Like flash your tits, or even your pussies?”

“Worse than that. We used to masturbate.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“So? I thought all girls did that. I know I did.”

“We did it together, silly, that was what was bad.”

“Oh I see.” I scratched my head. “I don’t think of it as bad. Me and my best mate Martin did that too.”

Sue looked up at me in surprise. “God, I thought I had a weird secret, now you too. Tell me more you sexy bastard.”

“You first, tell me about Helen.”

We settled back on the grass as she divulged her years-old secret to me.

“There’s nothing to tell really. We had often talked about periods and the funny feelings we got before them and how with our fingers we made ourselves feel better. Then she found a book about how to masturbate and we sat on her sofa and studied it together. One thing led to another and we ended up watching each other do it.”

“That is so sexy. Did you both cum?”

Suddenly standing up and facing me away from me, she was silent for a moment, then looked back at my crotch, which was showing severe signs of stress.

“Yes Tom, we did, and we did it quite often, and came very time. I remember how I got those tingly feelings watching her play. I learnt a lot later that was what was meant by being horny.”

“So what was the missed opportunity then?”

“One day when we were sat together on her bed and looking at pictures of boys’ cocks, we were having our usual play, and she said that two of the girls in another class would often touch each other’s pussy, and suggested we try that too.”

“Mmm lovely, and did you?”

Sue’s eyes were focused on the ground at her feet.

“No. That’s just it. I chickened out. I really wanted her to touch me and my fingers were this far from her pussy…” She held her hands a few inches apart, “…when I pulled my skirt down and ran from the room. I was really annoyed with myself afterwards Tom. I was so ready to be touched down there by someone else and Helen would have been perfect.”

“Didn’t you have another opportunity?” My cock was now aching for attention.

“No, she was so ready for her bisexuality, far more than me, that she soon found someone else to do it with. Within a couple of months they were lovers, much to the amusement of the other girls and frustration of the boys, but we stayed friends. I wonder where we would be now if we had actually touched each other?”

She turned her head towards me, a hint of a tear in her eye.

“Have I surprised you?”

“Not really. My sister once told me that sort of thing went on at her school, and that was a girls’ only place.”

“And by the sound of it, at your school too. Tell me about this friend of yours, Martin did you say?”

Up until now I had only ever shared this with Lisa, but at this very moment I was horny enough not to care.

“I don’t remember how it started but we used to masturbate together watching porn, and one day the girl from next door caught us.”

“Hmm, interesting. Wish it had been me. Did she join in?”

“No way, not then anyway, believe it or not she was still a virgin, and at nineteen! She freaked out, threatening to tell her dad.”

“Silly cow!”

“Then a few days later she had a change of heart and said she wouldn’t tell her dad if she could watch us properly.”

“And of course you did!”

“Oh yes,” I laughed, “But she ran again as soon as she saw us start to cum! But her courage was up now and next time she got really bold. She said she would show us her tits if Martin and I stroked each other.”

“Cool. And did you?”

“Yes, but it wasn’t that much of a deal Sue, we had talked about it long enough. We had already smoked some weed for courage and she just gave us the opportunity to do it.”

“Wow, I would love to have been there. So what happened?”

“Nothing much, we were so turned on that in no time at all we jacked each other off over her tits, and of course she ran from the room again.”

Sue was now squeezing the very evident outline of my hard-on.

“So what did it feel like, holding another guy’s cock Tom?”

I laughed, pressing her hand tighter against my erection. “You should know, I would imagine you have held a few. It was a one-off thing Sue, a bit like what you missed out on with Helen, just something that had to be experimented with in our teens. We didn’t do it again and I have not had the desire to go that route. Unlike you,” I added with a smirk.

A spot of rain suggested it was time to head back. She grabbed my arm.

“Just one thing Tom.”


“Your friend Martin. Did you fancy sucking his cock? Or is that too personal?”

“No, you’re okay. At the time I think he wanted me to, and to be honest, like you, I was very close to doing it. But if the situation was in the present time bahis şirketleri I’m not sure I would be very keen, it was very much a teen thing. I like pussy too much,” running my hand up the leg of her shorts, “Especially yours.”

We held hands as we headed back to the car, both silently digesting each other’s confession. Before driving off I produced two Cokes from the cool box.


“Only for you,” she laughed.

The sun was low on the hills behind us as we reluctantly headed back to our hotel, yet again bumping into Richard and Les, arms lovingly around each other on the ferry. They were off out to eat somewhere, we agreed to meet up with them later in the bar.


Much later in the bar, following a cat-nap in our cabin, Richard looked at us all seriously when we had got our round of drinks.

“You realise that Sue and I fly back tomorrow night?”

We all nodded, and I replied that Sue and I had already discussed the subject and suggested we all meet up again as soon as possible after Les and I returned on Sunday.

“Well, we had a better idea. We thought of switching tickets,” said Les.

“Can you do that?” I asked, Sue and I immediately interested.

“Already asked!” she replied. “As we’re all Virgin they said okay, but they charge fifty dollars each ticket and we have to do it by nine in the morning.

“Okay, I’m all for that,” I said eagerly, Sue nodding vigorously. “But who goes when?”

“Well,” replied Richard, “seeing we are both gentlemen I think we should let the ladies fly on the day they were meant to, and we guys switch tickets.”

Sue did a quick calculation and pouted her lips. “Oh dear, that means you leave with me tomorrow Tom. Your holiday is cut short.”

“And mine is longer.” taunted Richard.

“You crafty sod,” I smiled, “You planned that well!”

“Yes, but look what you are getting as consolation,” he grinned, pointing at his sister.

I took Sue’s hand and, looking into her blue eyes I said lovingly, “As long as you are with me then the holiday will never end.”

The others chanted “aaaah,” and we all laughed.

And so it was settled, I would fly back tomorrow night with my new lady, leaving Les and Richard another three days to find themselves in the sun. As a consolatory gesture Richard ordered a bottle of champagne and we toasted our new relationships.

“Amazing what sex on the beach can do!” laughed Les.

“Talking of sex…” Sue stood up and took me by the hand, leading me away in the direction of the beach.

“Hey! Where you guys going?”

“Oh, just to see if there’s a hammock to spare!” Sue winked at Les. “Wanna join us?”

Our backs turned, we could only imagine their looks of amazement.

I lifted Sue on to the most secluded hammock and insisted she sat with her legs dangling over the side. Despite the darkness I had never seen such a look of absolute lust in a girl’s eyes as at that moment. I kissed her hungrily while I lifted her top up over her unfettered breasts. She moaned when I lowered my head to suck hard on each nipple in turn, my hand straying into the warm crease of her thighs.

Kneeling on the sand, I parted her legs, a red thong barely protecting her privacy, a hint of moisture forming a thin line down the centre of the fabric. We still hadn’t had sex today and eager that I was to be inside her wonderful body she looked so vulnerable lying back on that hammock, her pert breasts pointing to the sky, her raised miniskirt exposing her tanned thighs. I wanted to enjoy the taste of her before I fucked her.

She lifted her legs over my shoulders as soon as she realized my intentions and I started to lick the insides of her thighs. I told her to keep an eye open for passers-by, especially in the unlikely event that our friends decided to join the fun.

Very gently I flicked the point of my tongue over the sensitive flesh where her thighs ended in her groin, my nostrils intoxicated with the odour of her sex. Easing aside the gusset to expose only part of her pussy, I ran a wet tongue up the length of one vaginal lip, and then back down again, returning to her groin. Repeating the process with the other lip of her pussy, I felt her start to shake and softly pressed my lips to the moist centre of her tiny panties, tasting the desire she was building up for the eventual entry of my very rampant cock.

“Lift,” I whispered, and she raised her bum off the hammock for me to ease down her panties, down over her legs and I cast them aside.

“Lovely pussy,” I sighed, gazing longingly at her scented haven of love. “I want her.”

“Have her,” groaned Sue, “She is all yours.”

With that I lowered my face to her sweet cunny, my tongue passing from between my lips into hers, probing, tasting, licking and finally sucking. Holding her lips apart I set to work on her clitoris, my fingers working in time deep inside her with little fucking movements.

“Oh Tom, eat me, eat my pussy!”

I needed no persuasion to engulf her with my mouth and as her juices flowed freely on to my lips I attacked her clitoris with my tongue, flicking it rapidly in time with my stroking of her g-spot. When I sensed she was close to losing control I eased my other hand underneath her and slid a large finger into her ass and rapidly fucked her there too. She groaned with delight.

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